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Overprinted GB postal orders: other uses and similar items

Poundage provisionals 

On three occasions a sudden change in poundage charges had to be covered by a provisional overprint on the poundage panel. In 1906 it is reported that local handstamps were used in some offices  between 2 July (when the new charges came in) and November 1906 (when new stocks were issued) [see Cribb p.17].

In 1915 the poundage on 6d - 2/6d orders was raised from ½d to 1d; some manuscript changes are known but copies of the 2/6d orders are also known with a machine-applied diagonal surcharge. In May 1920 further increases were made and copies of the 4/6d and 5/6d are known with a machine-applied poundage surcharge between bars (similar to the poundage overprint on some postal orders used in the colonies).

GB G5 1d poundage provisionalGB G5 1�d poundage provisional


School Specimen overprints 

See the page on "School Specimen" overprints


Promotional postal orders

A variety of postal orders exist with a company name and a printed text such as "With complements from"; these are not overprints, but printed with adapted printing plates along with the rest of the order. They were typically sent to customers in exchange for a number of product labels, packet tops etc, and their full name and address may also be machine-printed on the modified order. These are very collectable, but outside the scope of this site. For more information contact the Postal Order Society.

Pension orders

These look very like postal orders, but were issued in books to pensioners to cash as appropriate. Overprints are known for use in the Isle of Man, but it is highly unlikely that any were overprinted for use outside the UK.

Pension order 96

source "Postal Order News, Number 84, April 2007.

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