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Overprinted GB Postal orders: Palestine - Sudan


The overprint reads "6 Mils" and "Not payable in Egypt or in Palestine", ie they were issued in Palestine for sending to other countries (eg the UK)

Palestine postal order

Pitcairn Is

Pitcairn Island postal order


Qatar postal order

Rhodesia & Nyasaland

Rhodesia & Nyasaland PO 100

St Helena

St Helena PO Noll 300

(image courtesy of Jim Noll)

St Kitts Nevis

St Kitts Nevis postal order

St Lucia

St Lucia PO Noll 300

(image courtesy of Jim Noll)

St Vincent

St Vincent PO Noll 300

(image courtesy of Jim Noll)


Seychelles PO 96

image courtesy of David Shaw

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone postal order

South Africa

(a) "Union"

South Africa postal order G6

(b) "Republic"

- provisional overprint

South Africa postal order 200

(Image courtesy of BF)

- new inscription "Republic"

South Africa amended name postal order 200

(image courtesy of Wesley Smith)

South Arabia Federation (Aden)

South Arabia Federation postal order 

Southern Nigeria

Southern Nigeria Ed7 PO

(image courtesy of the owner)

Southern Rhodesia

Southern Rhodesia postage due 300

(image courtesy of "kalombo")

Southern Yemen (Aden)

Southern Yemen (Peoples Republic) postal order

(see also Yemen)


Sudan postal order (poor image)

(this is a rather poor image from an old catalogue of the only reported GB overprint for The Sudan; although the country name is partly indecipherable the currency is in "Milliemes" and the issuing handstamp is Khartoum, which confirm it)

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