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Overprinted GB Postal orders: Canada - Fiji


No regular overprinted GB postal orders were issued, but 3 trial overprints with a "SPECIMEN" endorsement came on the market in July 2006 (fetching over £7,000). These copies are believed to be unique.

Illustrations courtesy of Kevin Breathnach

Canada 2/6d postal order front 200Canada 2/6d postal order rear 200


Canada 4s postal order front 200Canada 4s postal order rear 200

Canada 12/6d postal order front 200Canada 12/6d postal order rear 200

These are from the 1905 version, with the stamp space in the bottom corner, 225*86mm (including counterfoil), type 3 watermark.

Cape Colony

Cape Colony Edward VII 5s


 Ceylon postal order


Cyprus PO 100

(image courtesy of J.Gilbert)


Dominica postal order


Dubai postal order

East Africa

East Africa PO 100


Egypt PO 300

(image courtesy of Jim Noll)


Eritrea G6

Note that this was only valid within Eritrea - see The Overprinter 2017/2 (image courtesy of Momen)

Falkland Is

Falklands PO 96

(image courtesy of PJ Richens)


Fiji QE postal order

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