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Bechuanaland, Zululand, Mafeking, Southern Rhodesia, British East Africa 

(NP)= "non-philatelic material"
Note: see also holdings in the "miscellaneous" list, which may include relevant material.

Book No Title Author and type
5,44 The Postage Stamps, Postal Stationary and Postmarks of the Bechuanalands. HR Holmes
Book (large)
12 History of Stellaland. Maj CG Dennison
13 The Bechuanalands and Botswana (Extracts from Stamp Collecting). RW Brownlow
18 The Postage Stamps of Stellaland. Bertram W Poole
19 The Empire in Africa, 1950. (Extract Chap.14 "South African Wars") Robson Lowe
20 South African Provisional War Stamps (Extract Chap.3 "Mafeking Siege Stamps") BWH Poole
21 Philately of the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902. (Extract "The Siege Stamps and Usages -Ladysmith, Mafeking,etc." ex Chap. 3) Stephen G Rich
47 The Postal Markings of Natal. WR Hart, BA Kantey, AL Leon
Book (large)
84,85 Auction Catalogue: H.R.Holmes Collection "The Bechuanalands". Harmer's of London
85A British Africa June 26th 1981 Auction Catalogue Harmers of New York (this may be same as No 85)
93 Rorke's Drift. Michael Glover
94 The First Provisional British Censor Labels-Censor Seal Type 1. (The Anglo-Boer War Philatelist Summer 1982, Vol.25; No.2). Richard Stroud
106 Auction Catalogue:3 June 1983, Postage stamps and Postal History of East Africa "The Stuart Rossiter Collection" Sotherby's
108 The P.O.A. Cancellations of Natal. BA Kantey
110 The Post Office Militant 1899-1902 THE ANGLO-BOER WAR. Selected and Edited by AGM Batten
111 Rhodesian Post Offices:- where & when WF Calder
112 The Early Postal History of the Griqualands and Bechuanalands; Paper No.6: Postmark and Postal History Society of South Africa. Ken Baker
122 The Barred Oval Numeral Canceller of the Cape of Good Hope of 1864 Franco Frescura
123 The Postmarks of Zululand Tony Davis & Hugh Joseph
165  Zululand The Wilson Wong Collection September 25th 1996 Auction Catalogue Harmers
171 Vryburg 1882 – 1982 (NP) Hans Bornman Book
219 The Postal Stationery of the Bechuanalands and Botswana Peter Thy & John Inglefield-Watson
Heavy Book
247 National Postal Museum, Review of 1992 , Mention & illustration of NPM acquiring Zululand covers Booklet
British East Africa
83 British East Africa: The Stamps and Postal Stationery   John Minns
Book (large) 
149 Auction Catalogue 4 - 5 May 1971, East Africa , "The Col. J.R. Danson Collection"  Robson Lowe
Auction catalogue



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