GB Overprints Society

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General societies covering topics relevant to GBOS topics

GBPS Great Britain Philatelic Society (index) 

COSGB Commercial Overprint Society of Great Britain, and Revenue Society webpage

ABPS Association of British Philatelic Societies (GBOS is affiliated)

APS American Philatelic Society (GBOS is affiliated)

The Revenue Society

The Perfin Society

Specialist country societies including GBOS topics in their areas of interest:

OPAL Oriental Philatelic Association of London (Levant)

ONEPS The Ottoman and Near East Philatelic Society (Levant)

Bechuanalands and Botswana Society

Cyprus Study Circle

West Africa Study Circle

Postal Order Society discussion forum and website

Channel Islands Specialist Society

Eire Philatelic Society, Irish Philatelic Circle, Irish Philatelic Society

Information about stamps, relevant to GBOS interests

Major stamp events: Stamp Shows, Stamp fairs and auctions

Sandafayre's on-line library of images of classic stamps

(note: on the Sandafayre site Oil Rivers stamps are under "Nigeria" and "Niger Coast" instead of "Oil Rivers"; Mafeking stamps are variously under "Bechuanaland", "British Bechuanaland" and "Cape of Good Hope")

The Wolf collection of Irish overprints

The British Library philatelic holding

The Rossi auction from Warwick & Warwick, 2005

ABPS/PCGB Congress Study Group

Numerous hyperlinks to relevant other web pages (whether philatelic, historic, or general) are included wherever appropriate on each page. This is not intended to be an exhaustive bibliography or list of relevant web sites. Inclusion in this list is entirely at the discretion of the Web-manager.

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