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The Wilding Overprints 1952-1961

published by Mike Osborne, 2009

Addenda, 2009

Page 3 Overprint Fonts

A similar variation also exists in the overprints of the Kuwait Annas stamps, the same four values as in the Bahrain issue, ie the 1½, 2½, 3 and 6 Annas being affected. On these values the length of the word “KUWAIT” is marginally shorter and the font marginally taller. This is most evident in the letter “U” which is narrower on the other values. All of the Naye Paisa values had the wider “U”. A comparison of the two types can be found on the Kuwait web page of this site (click here) and the Bahrain web page of this site (click here)

See The Overprinter 2010/1 page 27.

Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Qaiwain overprints

SG81, 83, 85 and 86 of the British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia are known further overprinted with each of the names of these three Trucial States, purporting to be unissued trial printings. No official record appears to exist of the production of these stamps and opinions have been expressed that they are the result of a “philatelic enterprise” by an individual, and therefore bogus. Clearly in the absence of proper evidence of the provenance of these items the advice to collectors is Caveat Emptor.

See The Overprinter 2010/1 pp 24-26 for background documentation. A brief description and illustration is near the end of the "Bogus items" web page of this site (click here)

Supplement No 1: July 2010

Supplement No 2: July 2012

New and Amended cylinders 

  Update  Value  Cylinder  Perf type  Varieties  Notes
 SG91 (coronation)  1  4a on 4d  1 n.d.  E/I  yes "Varieties" should say "yes" 
 SG84  2  2½a on 2½d  6 dot  E/I   no  New cylinder
 SG89  2  1r on 1/6d  1 n.d. or dot  E/P or I/P  no or yes  See note 1 below
 SG99  2  6a on 6d  not known  E/I or E/P  yes  See note 2 below
 SG110  2  40np on 6d  3 n.d.  I/E  yes  Pink tinted paper
BPA in Eastern Arabia            
 SG59  1  2a on 2d  4 n.d.  E/I  yes   Cylinder number now confirmed 
 SG63  1  6a on 6d  1 n.d.  E/P   yes  Cyl & perf type now confirmed 
 SG72  2  25np on 4d  1 n.d.  I/P  yes  New perf type, see note 3 below
 SG83  1  10np on 1½d  not known  not known     Untinted paper 
 SG88  1  40np on 6d  2 n.d.  E/P  yes  New perf type 
 SG97  2  2½a on 2½d  8 n.d.  E/I  yes  New cylinder
 SG100  2  6a on 6d  1 n.d.  E/P  yes  New perf type. See note 4 below
 SG100  2  6a on 6d  1 n.d.  not known  yes  New perf type. See note 5 below
 SG102  2  1r on 1/6d  1 n.d.  E/I  no  New cylinder. See note 6 below.
 SG110  2  ½a on ½d  3 dot  E/I  yes  New cylinder
 SG124  1  12np on 2d  10 dot  E/I  yes  New cylinder 
 SG125  1  15np on 2½d  37 n.d.  AE/I  yes  New cylinder with new perf type
 SG125  1  15np on 2½d  44 n.d.  E/I  yes  New cylinder 
 SG126  1  20np on 3d  4 n.d.  E/I  yes  New cylinder 
 SG128  1  40np on 6d  3 n.d.  I/P  yes  New perf type. Untinted paper 
 SG6  2  15np on 2½d  43 n.d.  E/I  yes  New Cylinder
 SG9  2  40np on 6d  3 n.d.  E/P  yes  New Cylinder
 SG9a  2  40np on 6d  2 n.d.  E/P  yes  New Cylinder
 SG22  2  9np on 1½d  15 n.d.  E/I  yes  Untinted Paper
 SG327  1  2½d  44 n.d.  E/I  yes New cylinder 
 SG331  2  6d  not known  not known  yes  See note 7 below

NOTES to entries in the above table, from supplement 2
1 Bottom marginal single with perforated margin is only evidence seen to date.
2 Left Marginal block of 9 rows 6-8 only evidence seen & with 1 extension perf.
3 Cylinder block not seen but left & bottom margin multiples confirm Perf Type.
4 North East corner block of 6 with imperf right margin only evidence seen.
5 North East corner block of 18 (rows 1-3, cols 7-12) exists with top & right margins perforated and a guide hole on the perforation above cols 6 & 7. This perforation combination does not match any of the Perf types known with the Wilding issue. See also note 7 below.
6 Large North East corner block exists with cutting guide mark in top right margin indicating that it is from no dot cylinder. Cylinder block not seen.
7 North East corner block of 4 (2 x 2) exists with both margins perforated. This is similar to the Kuwait block (see note 5 above). The two blocks cannot originate from the same print run as they have different watermarks and shades.

Amendments to various items of the text arising from the above information

Perforation types, page 2

    Left Margin Bottom Margin 
 New Type  AE/I  alternate extension hole   imperforate

NOTES, page 23
Delete notes 12-15 which are repeated on page 24

Wilding Varieties
Pages 26-28, add the following:

Value Cylinder Position   
 2d  10 dot  row 9/6  Dark spot on necklace
 2½d  8 n.d.  row 1/4  Red Red dot over left of diadem
 2½d  8 n.d.  row 12/4  Red spot in leaf of shamrock
 2½d  8 n.d.  row 18/1  Diagonal scratch from Queen's cheek to neck
 2½d  44 n.d.  row 1/4  Red dot over left of diadem
 2½d  44 n.d.  row 12/4  Red spot in leaf of shamrock
 2½d  44 n.d.  row 18/1  Diagonal scratch from Queen’s check to neck
 3d  44 n.d.  row 1/3  White scratch to bottom right of R of ER

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