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Study Paper Title
British Levant
No 1
Queen Victoria Issues, R. Malim (Revised January 1998)
British Levant
No 2
Edward VII Issues, R Malim (Revised March 2000)
British Levant
No 3
George V Issues 1911/1914 & Salonica Issue 1916, R Malim (January 1981)
British Levant
No 4
Overprinted Issues for the Constantinople Post Office 1921-3, R Malim (January 1981)
British Levant
No 5
Postal Stationery, R Malim (May 1985)
British Levant
No 6
Cancellations and Cachets, R Malim (Revised November 1995)
British Levant
No 7
Rates and Miscellaneous Matters, R Malim (Feb 1993) with revised Part 1 Section A (November 1995)


Study Paper Title
BOIC No 1 Cancellations, A Tregurtha (February 1987)
(see also below)
BOIC No 2 Registration, Parcel Post & Express Etiquettes & Handstamps, A Tregurtha (August 1988)
(see also below)
BOIC supplements Supplement to Nos 1 & 2, A Tregurtha (May 1991)
BOIC No 3 Postage Stamp issues, A Tregurtha (March 1990)
BOIC No 4 Civil Censorship 1942-7, A Tregurtha (1999)



Study Paper Title
Morocco Agencies
No 1
Edward VII Overprints, M Gellatly and M Wlodarczyk (July 1992)
Morocco Agencies
No 3c
The Overprints on KEVIII Issues, A Bishop (December 1989)
Morocco Agencies
No. 7
Cancellations of the British Post Offices in Morocco, British period 1907-1957
Part 1: offices other than Tangier (1993)
This study is no longer available as the material was updated and included in Stotter  2007
looseleaf book,
with binder
The Stamps of the Morocco Agencies


Study Paper Title
Gulf No 1 British Post Offices in the Persian Gulf, M Phelan (November 1994)
Gulf supplement The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf (Supplement), Neil Donaldson (1994)
NB this is a supplement to Neil Donaldson's personal book "The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf" (1975), not a self-standing study paper.


Study Paper Title
Waterlow Castles The Queen Elizabeth II Waterlow Castle High Values 1955-1958, Gerry Bater & The Lord Spens (1989)
Waterlow Castles Addendum No 1 to the 'QEII Waterlow Castle High Values', J.Gillham and A. Tregurtha (March 2001)
Waterlow Procedures Waterlow Procedures - King George VI Arms and Festival high values, Gerry Bater


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Publications by members

Buckingham K, Nauru 1915-1923 -- A Study of the Adhesives of Great Britain Overprinted for use in Nauru. 2005 (available from bookshops)

Osborne M, The Wilding Overprints -- The Gulf, Morocco Agencies and Tangier 1952-1961. 2009 (available from the author) Click here for updates

Warwick M, Cyprus, The Early British Period (reissued and illustrations updated, 2011)


Gledhill JM, GB Overprints: A compendium of overprints on Great Britain postage and revenue stamps, and their control letters, cylinder numbers, and watermark varieties, 6th edition 2008 (available from the author, free by email)

Gledhill JM, Directory of Overprinted British Postal Orders, 2010, published jointly with the Postal Order Society, available from the author (2010 prices: Members of GBOS/POS £10 uk, £14 eu, £17 rest of the world, including postage & packing, Other purchasers £17 uk, £21 eu, £26 rest of the world).

Gledhill JM, Overprinted British Postal Stationery, 2015, published by the GBOS.

Gledhill JM, Overprinted British Airmails, 2015, published by the GBOS.

Gledhill JM, British and Islands postal stationery provisionals, 2017, published by the GBOS


Garcia R, The British Postal Service in Morocco 1749-1906, 2009, published jointly by the Postal History Society & the British Philatelic Trust, Supported by the GB Overprints Society

Stotter D, The British Post Office Service in Morocco 1907-57, 2007, published jointly by the Postal History Society & the British Philatelic Trust, Supported by the GB Overprints Society

Stotter D, A Postcard from Tangier: A Postal and Social History of Tangier 1880-1958, 2015, published by the Postal History Society


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