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Influences on overprinting stamps of Great Britain

The main influences on the adoption of overprinted stamps were as shown below.

a) Wars

- Nauru, a German colony occupied by the Australians in 1914.

- Italian colonies, issued in World War II during the allied occupation of former Italian colonies, often referred to as "BOIC" or "BOFIC" issues: EAF, MEF, Eritrea, Somalia, Tripolitania.

- "Additional Medicine Duty" revenue overprints when taxes were raised during World War I.

- Channel Islands essays of German occupation overprints for use in Guernsey and Jersey.

- Salonica field post office in the "Levant" area.

- Mafeking siege issues.

- Overprints on letter seals used by the British army in Egypt.

b) Temporary issues until a designated series was available

- Bechuanaland Protectorate

- British Bechuanaland

- British East Africa

- Cyprus

- Ireland

- Nauru

- Oil Rivers

- Palestine revenue

- Southern Rhodesia

- Zululand

c) Contractual arrangements to operate post offices in other countries

- Persian Gulf countries (Bahrain, British Postal Agencies, Kuwait, Qatar)

- Morocco, Tangier

- Turkish empire ("Levant") - with a break in World War I when Turkey was allied to the Central Powers.

d) overprints to change or reinforce the use of stamps

- officials

- surcharges

- railway letters

- army telegraphs

- Tidal Testing postage

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