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Gold Coast postal stationery

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Telegraph forms

Gold Coast telegram overprint

GT1 King Edward VII telegraph form with an imprinted/embossed 6d stamp and a "Gold Coast" overprint. At least 4 copies have been identifed, all of which appear to have come from booklets of forms. 


Registered envelopes  

The Queen Victoria envelopes overprinted for the Gold Coast had all the normal compensation / insurance information omitted from the back, as the Colony had not yet signed up to the international scheme. A standard narrative was introduced for the King Edward VII envelopes.

Gold Coast reg arc frontGold Coast reg arc back

GR1-3 Queen Victoria. 2d blue envelope, overprinted "GOLD COAST COLONY" in an arc over the stamp. 1888. Sizes F, G, J. Note: size J does not exist without the Gold Coast overprint. 

Gold Coast reg QV straight line, round flap

GR4-7 Queen Victoria, 2d blue envelope with "GOLD COAST COLONY" in  a straight line along the flap fold. 1891. sizes F, G

Gold Coast reg QV new head

GR8 as above but the "florets" at the bottom of the stamp have been replaced by a weave design. 1893. Size J. Note: size J does not exist without the Gold Coast overprint.

Gold COast reg QV straight line, square flap

GR9-13 Queen Victoria. 2d blue envelope overprinted "GOLD COAST COLONY" along the flap fold, but the stamp is now at the top of the flap (F, G round flap, F,G,H square flap). 1894. Sizes F, G, H

Gold Coast reg E7

GR14-16 King Edward VII. 3d brown envelope. 1902, with insurance information on the reverses. sizes G, H, H2

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