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British Bechuanaland postal stationery

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This is a simplified listing. The numbering for the British Bechuanaland overprints below carries on from the numbers used for the Bechuanaland Protectorate overprints.


British Bechuanaland overprints also appear on Cape of Good Hope stationery, for example

Bechuanaland on CoGH 100



British Bech halfpenny card

BC8 Queen Victoria. ½d brown on thick white card, overprinted "BRITISH BECHUANALAND". 1894.

British Bech 1d postcard 200

BC9 Queen Victoria. 1d brown on buff, overprinted "BRITISH BECHUANALAND" across inscription, with black line through top line. 1888.

Bechuanaland reply card front 200

Bechuanaland reply card rear top 200

front & rear of same card; there is no inscription at the foot of the reply half.

BC10 Queen Victoria. 1d + 1d red reply card, overprinted "BRITISH BECHUANALAND" on each card.

Bechuanaland surcharged card 200

BC11 Queen Victoria. 1d red card overprinted "BRITISH BECHUANALAND", and also "THREE HALF PENCE" in 2 lines, to cover the special rate to Mashonaland. 1894.


Newspaper wrappers


British Bech wrapper 5 line British Bech halfd wrapper 200

BW1 Queen Victoria. ½d brown newspaper wrapper, original 5-line instructions obliterated by 10 diagonal lines, overprinted "BRITISH" above the imprinted stamp and "BECHUANALAND" below it. 1888.

British Bech wrapper 4 line

BW2 as above, but original instructions are in 4 lines, obliterated by 12 diagonal lines. 1889.

British Bech 1d wrapper 200

BW3 Queen Victoria. 1d brown newspaper wrapper overprinted "BRITISH" above the imprinted stamp and "BECHUANALAND" below it. 1888. size b.


Registration envelopes

British Bech reg 4d blue British Bech reg 4d blue detail

BR15-20 Queen Victoria. Blue registration envelope inscribed "TWO PENCE" obliterated by two bars and overprinted "FOUR", with "BRITISH BECHUANALAND" in an arc over the original impressed stamp. 1888. sizes G, I, K

The envelopes overprinted for the above issue had all the normal compensation / insurance information omitted from the back, as the territory had not signed up to the international scheme.

Bechuanaland registration envelope 96  British Bech reg vermilion stamp

BR21-23 Queen Victoria. Red plain impressed envelope overprinted "BRITISH BECHUANALAND" and "FOR REGISTRATION ONLY" in an arc. 1889. sizes G, H, K

For the reason mentioned under PR15-20 above, this issue used "stamped to order" envelopes so as not to have compensation / insurance information on the reverse; this is also why the overprint added "For registration only" because the imprinted stamp wrongly stated that it also covered 4d postage.

Many other items exist but were on Cape of Good Hope stationery instead of British stationery.

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