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Ireland postal stationery

Whilst it is reported that overprinted British postal stationery was considered at the time of independence, there is no record of anything actually being issued, and the occasional items which come on the market are generally regarded as a bogus production of a private collector (albeit expensive). For a short while unoverprinted stationery continued in use. Overprints were, however, applied to postal orders.

The following items are, however, of relevant interest:

Ireland handstamped OHMS letter (detail) 200

Detail from an OHMS letter handstamped with the Provisional Government title, postmarked 4 May 1922 (image courtesy of TS).

Ireland green registered letter (detail) 300

Instead of overprinting the registered letter envelopes, they were specially printed in "Irish" green.

(image courtesty of Raven Stamps)

Information on anything else relevant would be welcomed.

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