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Zululand postal stationery

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This is a simplified listing. The only postal stationery overprinted for Zululand was postcards.



Zululand card halfd

ZC1 Queen Victoria. ½d brown, overprinted "ZULULAND" beneath the inscription. 1893.

Zululand card halfd reply outwardZululand card halfd reply reply

ZC2 as above, but ½d+½d reply-paid card created from two cards joined by a linen strip (the card being too thick for simply bending), one card for the outgoing message, and the detachable card for the reply. 1893 (Commercially used reply halves have not been recorded.)

Zululand card 1d

ZC3 Queen Victoria. 1d red, overprinted "ZULULAND" obliterating "GRANDE BRETAGNE ET IRELANDE" and 3 lines obliterating part of the two upper lines. 1893.

 Zululand card 1d+1d outwardZululand card 1d+1d reply

ZC4 as above, but 1d+1d reply card, created by printing a double size card, the card being thinner than that used for the ½d+½d card above, with the "reply" half detached by tearing along perforations. 1893 (Commercially used reply halves have not been recorded.)

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