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Levant (Turkish currency) postal stationery

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This is a simplified listing. The numbering of the postcards continues from the items in Levant (British currency) listings.



Levant (Turkish) QV envelope

LW1 Queen Victoria. 2½d blue envelope overprinted "40 PARAS". 1893. 


Registered envelopes

Levant (T) reg 40p  Levant (Turkish) registered 40p stamp (detail)

LR1-5 King Edward VII. 2d+1d brown envelope overprinted "REGn FEE" above imprinted stamp and "40 PARAS" below it. 1902. Sizes F, G, H, H2, K

Levant (Turkish) registered 1p E7  Levant 1907 registration envelope size G front detail 200

LR6-7 King Edward VII. 2d+1d brown envelope overprinted "REGn FEE" "1 PIASTRE". 1905. Sizes G, H

Levant 1907 registration envelope size G 200 

LR8-12 as above, but the (R) at top left is replaced by a box for the registration label. sizes F, G, H. There are two types of reverse, headed either "Inland Registration" (sizes G, H, 1907) or "Registration" (sizes F, G, 1909).

Levant (Turkish) reg G5 1p Levant (Turkish) G5 1p stamp

LR13-19 King George V. 3d brown overprinted "1 PIASTRE". 1911. sizes G, H, H2, K. Sizes G, H, K can be found with (1912) or without (1912) a small white "W" on the stamp below the King's head; size H2 is only recorded without it.

Levant George 5 reg envelope 96 Levant (Turkish) 7-halfp detail

LR20-23 King George V. 5d orange-red (shades) envelope overprinted "7½ PIASTRES". 1921. size F, G, H, K

Levant (Turkish) G5 registered puce  Levant (Turkish) G5 registered puce detail
LR24-27 King George V. 4½d purple envelope overprinted "7½ PIASTRES". 1922. size F, G, H, K



Levant (Turkish) card 4phalfp 1d red

LC10 George V 1d red postcard overprinted 4½ piastres.

Levant (Turkish) G5 card 1dhalfd

LC11 George V 1½d brown postcard overprinted 4½ piastres.

Levant George 5 reply postcard 96  Levant (Turkish) G5 card return

LC12 George V 1½d + 1½d reply postcard overprinted 4½ piastres on each half.

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