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Christmas card, Salonica Army 1916 Robin Upton 
Levant BPO Smyrna  Richard Malim 
Morocco T-marks  Barrie Cook 
Morocco airmail cover  Ivan Holliday 
Perfins, an update  Jeff Turnbull 
Gulf cross-usage  Mike Parker 
Levant Salonica handstamps  Alexios Papadopoulos 
Oil Rivers postal stationery card  Tony Stanford 
BOFIC cancellations  Tony Stanford 
Levant Feldman auction review  Richard Malim 
Levant misplaced surcharge  Tony Stanford 


Bechuanaland registered envelope  Brian Fenemore 
Furst Benady find No 8  Arthur Furst 
British Levant postmarks  Peter Baker 
Postal routes of BPO Salonica in 1900  Alexios Papadopoulos 
Tetuan airmail covers  David Stotter, Ivan Holliday 
Tangier T marks  Tony Bishop 
Notarial stamps  Lawrence Armitage 
Morocco perfins  Jeff Turnbull 
CA overprint  Lawrence Armitage 



Bahrain political agency handstamp Barrie Cook 
Early days of the BPO Constantinople  JD Macaulay 
Bahrain cylinder blocks  John Gillham 
Captain Smye  Robert Deakin, James Crawford 
Morocco crash cover  Robert Deakin 
Morocco bisects  Ron Peters 
Bechuanaland Protectorate forgery  Alan Tregurtha 
Landing mails at Mazagan  David Stotter 
More RN mail through Constantinople  Richard Malim 
Those Tangier hotels again  David Stotter 
Map of Muscat  Barrie Cook 



A letter from Constantinople Ron Peters, Malcolm Lacey 
North Atlantic Air Service Larry Gardner, David Stotter 
Of the modern era: Somaliland  John Davies 
MEF cover  John Davies 
Furst Benady finds, No 7  Arthur Furst 
Palestine OPDA overprints  Lawrence Armitage 
Bahrain Trade Fair & Agricultural Show  John Gillham 
BPO Constantinople 1921  Richard Malim 
Tangier T marks  Larry Gardner, David Stotter 
Bechuanaland questions  Chris Ray 
British Army PO Constantinope  Chris Grimshaw 



Christmas card RAF ME 1944 & RAMC 1955 John Davies 
Telegraph counters at Asmara  Nicola Sciarra 
Levant postal rates at the BPO Smyrna  Richard Malim 
Restoration of airmail services in Tripolitania  Nicola Sciarra 
Morocco: of Captain Smye  David Stotter 
Constantinople 1919-1921  Chris Grimshaw 
Saffi postcard  Richard Garcia 
Morocco: in defence of flyspec  Ron Peters 
BOFIC: British issued datestamp for Masawa  Nicola Sciarra 



Morocco crash covers  Geoff Chivers, David Stotter 
Muscat,early years of the BPO  Terry Jones 
Kuwait scouts jamboree  Nial Donaldson 
Levant RN mail Richard Malim 
Morocco early use  Arthur Furst 
Tripolitania, opening dates of POs  Nicola Sciarra 
BPO Constantinople 1921 Arthur Furst 
Rodi-Egeo cancellations  Alan Tregurtha 
Levant 40 paras provisional  Derek Jefcoate 



First use of Morocco Agencies overprint  Richard Garcia 
report of Ken Clough Morocco auction  Peter Taberner 
Levant 40 paras  Derek Jefcoate 
FDC from Dubai  Alan Tregurtha 
CA overprint  Lawrence Armitage 
Morocco £1 Silver Wedding  Harry Brush 
Furst Benady finds, No 6  Arthur Furst 
Morocco Zeppelin cover  Ron Peters 
Eritrea, Italian reissued datestamps  Nicola Sciarra 
Morocco double overprints  Ron Peters 



Levant registered envelope Arthur Furst 
Furst Benady finds No 5  Arthur Furst 
Constantinople Sterling rates  Richard Garcia 
Kuwait double ring cancel  Barrie Cook 
Tangier purple handstamp  David Stotter 
CA overprint  Derek Jefcoate 
Kuwait scout jamboree  Michael Sergeant 



Christmas card RAF ME 1943   
Levant 40 paras provisionals  Derek Jefcoate 
Two MEF covers  John Davies 
Levant cancellation study  Tony Simmonds 
BOFIC airmails restoration of service  Nicola Sciarra 
Furst Benady finds No 4  Arthur Furst 
Morocco last known dates (LKDs)  Ron Peters 
Somalia Mijerteinia:Gardo  Nicola Sciarra 
Eritrea civil censorship  Nicola Sciarra 
Levant: a tale of 2 entires  Richard Malim 
Levant discovery, 2/6d double overprint one albino  Alan Tregurtha 
Morocco registered cover  A O Tuit (pseud) 



Alcazar cover  Jacques Benezra 
Eritrea parcel service  Finn Malm 
Levant 40 paras  Patrick Spens 
Furst Benady finds Nos 2 & 3  Arthur Furst 
Eritrea, Nacfa post office  Nicola Sciarra 
A puzzling Asmara cover  Finn Malm 
Gulf charity label  John Davies 
Eritrea postal service to Italy  Nicola Sciarra 



Levant 40 paras cover  George Cafetzoglou 
Tangier airmail cachets  Ron Peters, David Stotter 
Levant forwarding agents  Richard Malim 
Morocco code K cancellations  Arthur Furst 
Morocco sales figures John Davies 
Morocco sub-postoffices  David Stotter 
What's "rare"?  Murray Gellatly
 George VI cylinder/control numbers Tony Bishop 
Tangier purple cancels  David Stotter, Barrie Cook 
British bank notes in Tripolitania  Alan tregurtha, Ron Peters 
Eritrea inland postal service  Nicola Sciarra 



 Tangier post office leaflet  Tony Bishop
 Return of MEF issues  John Davies
 Eritrea parcel services  Nicola Sciarra
 Constantinople registered postcards  Arthur Furst
 Kuwait QE half anna  Alan Tregurtha
 George VI cylinder/control numbers  John Davies
 Massawra post office  Nicola Sciarra
 Gulf GB usage  Derek Jefcoate
 Morocco Mequinez bisect  Murray Gellatly
 Eritrea civil censorship  Alan Tregurtha, Nicola Sciarra



 Christmas letter via the Orient Express  Terry Jones
 Eritrea, US and British forces POs  John Rawlins
 Levant, more on "Dourson"  Richard Malim
 Muscat covers  Terry Jones
 Somalia - Isha Baidoa PO  Nicola Sciarra
 Mogadscio cancellations  Alan Tregurtha
 Asmara postal services  Nicola Sciarra
 Morocco local post  Ron Peters



 Larache cover  Ron Peters
 Levant 1P wmk inverted  Alan Tregurtha
 Overprint varieties  Gerry Bater
 Tangier postal rates  Richard Garcia
 QE II Waterlow castles  Gerry Bater
 Morocco Larache  Arthur Furst
 Eritrea civil censorship  Nicola Sciarra
 Seahorses in the shade  Gerry Bater
 Why Morocco?  David Stotter
 George VI Arms varieties on the overprints  Alan Tregurtha, Gerry Bater



 Stolen covers  
 Gulf handstamps, old & new  Alan Tregurtha
 Tangier hotel cachets  Geoff Chivers
 MAPE, a milestone in Eritrea's history  Nicola Sciarra
 Items from Stamboul PO  Arthur Furst
 Eritrea telephone & telegraph services  Nicola Sciarra



 Beyrout cover  Peter Chadwick
 Tangier hotel cachets  David Stotter
 Bahrain & Qatar postmarks  M Laker
 Tangier postcodes  Murray Gellatly
 Where are they now?  Murray Gellatly
 Morocco Agencies Edward VII  Murray Gellatly
 Morocco posts, telegraph and telephone  Solly Laredo
 Levant, "Abolition of Capitulation"  Arthur Furst
 Problems relating to AV2 cachets  John Davies
 French Morocco  David Taylor-Smith
 Morocco stampless cover  Ron Peters



 Post office Tangier  David Stotter
 Jersey forged overprints  John Davies
 Castles - printing of the overprints  Gerry Bater
 Castles - Kuwait forgery  Alan Tregurtha
 Routes of mail from Beyrout  Richard Malim
 BOFIC POW mail  John Davies
 Asmara cancel  Alan Tregurtha
 Tangier, early OR cancels  David Stotter
 Morocco, early telegraph system  David Stotter
 Mafeking beseiged  Alan Dickie
 Eritrea, Asmara Central  Nicola Sciarra
 Asmara CIAOO Hotel  Nicola Sciarra



 IR Offical late cover  Donald Farmborough
 Nauru overprints, new research  Keith Buckingham
 Morocco archive research  Barrie Cook
 The Rakkas of Morocco  David Stotter
 Bechuanaland Protectorate  Alan Dickie
 King George VI Arms  Gerry Bater
 Gulf incoming rates  John Davies
 BA Eritrea  Nicola Sciarra
 Levant, effect of wars  Richard Malim



 Collage of images from 25 years of The Overprinter  
 Morocco parcel post  Alan Dickie
 Levant unoverprinted issues  Richard Malim
 Summit powers at Asmara  Nicola Sciarra
 Levant Madame Joseph forgeries  Marius Wlodarczyk
 Eritrea, Om Hagar PO  Nicola Sciarra
 Smyrna CDS cancellations  Richard Malim
 Postal rates  John Davies
 Gulf aerogrammes  Terry Jones



 Levant fdc  Arthur Furst
 Morocco George VI 4d 1938 and 1940  John Davies
 Morocco, Copeland correspondence  Murray Gellatly
 Eritrea, postal service at Asmara  Nicola Sciarra
 British Levant, date spans  Richard Malim
 Tripolitania, postal stationery air letters  John Davies

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