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2010/2 (Summer)

40th year of publication, anniversary edition including souvenir miniature sheet

facsimile of very first issue  
BPMA Essays for GB overprint for George V's death   
Gulf covers John Smith 
King Edward VII Levant large blocks Marius Wlodarczyk 
Joint meeting with the Cyprus Study Circle Tony Stanford 
South African War labels - WWI Otto Peetoom 
Qatar parcel tag John Smith 
Printed parcel labels John Gledhill 
Wales political propaganda overprints John Gledhill 
Kuwait 5s T-marks Bob Maushammer 
From Mochudi to Mafeking Brian Fenemore 
The Political Agency handstamps used in the Gulf Mike Phelan 
Levant: Plating the 12pi Queen Victoria Richard Malim 
Morocco Agencies research: postage rates David Stotter 
Bahrain "missing  
Morocco Agencies Olympics double overprints  Geoff Chivers 
Kuwait misplaced 2a overprints Geoff Chivers
Kuwait unauthorised "overprint" Khalid Omaira 
"Don't let the sun shine down on me" [fading] Thomas Johansen
Tetuan covers Barrie Cook 
Use of Bahrain sevice air letter Tony Stanford 
Kuwait meter marks Geoff Chivers 
Bahrain OHMS airletters Geoff Chivers 
Bender Cassim in Somalia Mike Sanders 
Army Telegraphs: when is an overprint not an overprint? Andrew Higson
MEF and Eritrea Postage dues Mike Sanders 
Eritrea MEF George VI cover  
Underprint on 1866 cover to Constantinople Alexios Papadopoulos 
Zululand (forgery) used in Constantinople Andy Wilde 
King Edward VII 1d registration sheet of Morocco Agencies
15 centimos and related discoveries
Marius Wlodarczyk 
BMA Somalia, the Express service Mike Sanders 
Bechuanaland Queen Victoria control blocks  

2010/1 (Spring)

This edition was a "Gulf special"

 Kuwait Scout Jamboree, 1957 John Gledhill 
UPU specimens on overprinted GB stationery James Bendon 
MEF Christmas airletters John Gledhill 
Kuwait, overprint errors and forgeries Alan Tregurtha 
BPA Eastern Arabia, SG 58a a on 1d St Edward's crown Mike Osborne 
The Political Agency handstamps used in the Gulf  Mike Phelan 
Kuwait Meter Post franking machines John Davis 
Yet more new QE cylinders Mike Osborne 
One-off partial overprints  
Kuwait misplaced overprint John Gledhill 
Nine 5-s are [font types] John Gledhill 
British Postal Superintendant airletters Tony Stanford 
Airmail rate reduction from the Gulf in 1959 John Gledhill 
Bahrain Olympic 2 annas double overprint Thomas Johansen 
British Postal Agencies 1s Olympics double overprint John Gledhill 
The De La Rue printing of the Baharain 10s castle John Smith,
Tony Stanford 
British Forces mail in the Persian Gulf Alan Tregurtha 
King George 6 R2 types John Gledhill 
Oil Rivers 1893 size H2 registration envelopes Peter Hrlyck 
MEF parcel post cancellation John Davies 
Qatar "Friendship exchange" illustrated covers Tony Stanford 
Bogus Bahrain overprint John Gledhill 
Kuwait 40np on 6d "second colour" Tony Stanford 
Kuwait 40np on 6d postscript Mike Osborne,
John Gledhill 
Trucial States "essays" confirmed a bogus John Gledhill 
The Trucial States overprints revisited Tony Stanford 
Gulf fonts John Gledhill 
The British Post Offices in Kuwait Tony Stanford 
India to England by the Gulf route, 1836-1838 Major AE Hopkins 
Bahrain double overprint John Gledhill 
Bahrain missing fraction  




2009/4 (Winter)

Bechuanaland and Zululand postcards Marius Wlodarczyk 
Levant King Edward VII d A11 control Marius Wlodarczyk 
Morocco Agencies, Tangier George VI registration sheet John Gledhill 
Ghost-busters: Tangier George V registration sheet correction John Gledhill 
Eritrea station list Mike Sanders 
BMA Tripolitania postage due missing stops Mike Sanders 
Morocco Agencies "Centimes/Centimos" error Brian Lippard,
Geoff Chivers 
Post Office using up defective/obsolete stock John Gledhill 
Censored MEF Christmas wishes, 1944 and 1945 John Gledhill 
Grosvenor's "Aurelius" collection auction Tony Stanford 
Ireland overprint essays John Gledhill 
Ireland revenues, 1922 John Gledhill 
Mogadishu post offices Mike Sanders 
Niger Coast 1894 registration envelopes types Peter Hrlyck
Channel Island swastika update, and local overprint John Gledhill 
GB registered envelope overprinted "Admiralty Official" John Gledhill 
Morocco Agencies 3 Franc seahorse "nibbled 3" Arthur Weston 
George VI MEF arms issue T-guide marks Marius Wlodarczyk 
Another new QE Tangier cylinder Mike Osborne 
Morocco Agencies, George V 10d block cypher Marius Wlodarczyk 
1935 Morocco Agencies Silver Jubilee Harvey Russell 
Morocco Agencies "beard" flaw John Gledhill 
Palestine puzzle and overprinted GB revenue on document John Gledhill 
The George VI Victory issue 3d overprinted "Tangier" Marius Wlodarczyk 
Consular Services, dollars and rupees John Gledhill 
Army Official pane with major misplaced overprint David Milsted 
Happy Christmas, overprinted 1935-style John Gledhill 
Tangier Charity TB Christmas seals Tony Stanford 

2009/3 (Autumn)

This issue gave special emphasis to "Levant" items

Salonica Christmas card Alexios Papadopoulos 
Levant Queen Victoria 40 Paras double overprints  
"Missing 1" in 1 Piastre Edward 7 John Gledhill
40th anniversary of The Overprinter" Mike Sanders 
Levant: Salonica forged overprints - never trust anything John Gledhill,
Tony Stanford 
Levant Sales, 1907-1914 John Gledhill 
1 piastre provisionals, auction items  
British PO in Constantinople, Madame Joseph forgeries John Darnell 
British Levant King Edward VII postcard with forged overprint Tony Stanford 
First use of the size G registered envelope overprinted 1 Piastre Andy Hawthorn 
Edward VII double overprints  
Levant 40 paras forged overprinted envelopes Tony Stanford,
John Darnell 
"Private" 40 paras overprint on 2d Queen Victoria envelope Geoff Chivers 
Where exactly is "British Levant"? John Gledhill 
Early mail of the BPO Smyrna 1872-76 Alexios Papadopoulos 
The Constantinople post office Tony Stanford 
"30 PARAS" error on 5d Jubilee John Gledhill 
A Constantinope cover to Larnaca returned to sender Tony Stanford 
A card from Smyrna to the Falklands Tony Stanford 
Constantinope K66 due marks John Darnell,
Tony Stanford 
Perfined British Levant overprinted stamps Tony Stanford 
1893 provisional issue Susan McEwen 
Some notes on the Levant overprints in use in 1912 Andy Hawthorn 
British Levant recent discoveries Marius Wlodarczyk 
International Express Service Constantinope Andy Hawthorn 
Stamp usage in British Levant: 1911 through 1914 Andy Hawthorn 
The abrogation of the capitulations John Gledhill 
Levant registered envelopes size F and G John Gledhill 

2009/2 (Summer)

Morocco Day pictures  
Army Official d pair on cover David Milsted 
Nauru De La Rue double overprint, one albino John Darnell
British Consular Service stamps used in Niger Coast Protectorate Tony Stanford
Oil Rivers / Niger Coast postal stationey cards from PO personnel Andy Wilde
Gold Coast telegrams John Gledhill
British Bechuanaland "Portectorate" inverted  Brian Hurst
Niger Coast 1894 siez F registration envelope variations John Gledhill
Morocco - British postal services Solly Laredo
Morocco Agencies FDC near misses Marius Wlodarczyk
Those strange "overprints" [paquebot markings] John Gledhill
Protective overprints from charities John Gledhill
Bechuanaland gems, from Philatex February 2009 Brian Hurst
Bechuanaland new discovery [wmk inverted control] Brian Hurst
Nauru, Madame Joseph forged cancellations John Darnell 
Australia, CA etc [perfins] Andy Hawthorne 
Zululand, commercially used and bogus overprint John Gledhill 
Tristan da Cunha, overprints 1929 John Gledhill 
Local posts in Morocco, 1892-1900 Solly Laredo 
George V Kuwait Marius Wlodarczyk 
Kuwait T-marks Bob Maushammer 
Oil Rivers registration envelope, with modified insurance Tony Stanford 
Kuwait short bars Michael Sargeant,
John Gledhill 
Military Telegraphs, provisional overprints John Gledhill 
Dog licence overprints from Ireland and Northern Ireland John Gledhill 
Registered envelopes from Bechuanaland, Gold Coast, Tangier  

2009/1 (Spring)

"Morocco Day" special, with many "fillers" not listed below

Morocco 30 centimes registration envelope David Stotter 
Summary of frames to be displayed at RPSL  exhibitors 
Map of Morocco Agencies post offices  Chris Hawthorn 
Morocco Agencies overprinted GB postal order  (member) 
Tangier reply coupons  John Gledhill & member
George V photogravure sizes  John Gledhill 
Forged cancellation on Abdication cover  Tony Stanford 
Misplaced "AGENCIES" on Silver Jubilee   Geoff Chivers, John Gledhill
Morocco George V registered envelopes types  John Gledhill 
Olympics 1s double overprint  John Gledhill 
Spanish currency 10c centenary types  John Gledhill 
Tangier airmail cover  Peter Taberner 
To Casablanca by favour of the bag  Tony Stanford 
Misplaced silver wedding overprint   
Morocco Agencies quantities sold from BPM archive  Marius Wlodarczyk 
South American Air Service Tony Stanford 

2008/4 (Winter)

Unified issue essays John Gledhill, Tony Stanford 
Gulf postal rates,query  John Gledhill 
More Levant perfins  John Gledhill 
Levant, official notes about forged overprints  Andy Hawthorn 
Bechuanaland wmk inverted control block  Brian Hurst 
Eritrea philatelic exhibition  Mike Sanders 
Doha exhbition  Francis Kiddle 
Tangier wilding forgery  John Gledhill 
Das Island  Tony Stanford 
Kuwait short bars variety on £1 Silver Wedding  Francis Kiddle 
CA overprint  John Gledhill 
Christmas greetings from Asmara  Mike Sanders 
Revenue overprinted for Solomon Islands  John Gledhill 
Crete Herakleion essays  Andy Hawthorn, John Gledhill 

2008/3 (Autumn)

Tangier cover, aerial photo of Tangier John Smith 
Some first day of issue dates  Marius Wlodarczyk
Postal agencies in the Dodecanese  Martin Hickman 
Perfinned British Levant overprints  Tony Stanford 
Centenary issue covers  John Davies 
Another cover from Tetuan  Ivan Holliday 
The first Abu Dhabi post office  Tony Stanford 
Jubilee notes  Andy Wilde 
Southern Rhodesia postage dues first day cover   Tony Stanford 
Controller of Civil Posts, Eritrea  Mike Sanders 
1935 Silver Jubilee  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Forged Tangier postmark  Geoff Chivers 
Zeppelin and a plane crash flight  John Smith 

2008/2 (Summer)

Nordavia coach Mike Sanders 
Morocco A & B handstamps  Brian Fenemore 
Fez Airmails again  Ronald Watkins 
Moroccan Edward VII and George V cancels  John Smith 
Levant 40 paras provisional of 1893  Marius Wlodarczyk 
MEF sliced M variety  Derek Jefcoate 
New Tangier cancel  David Stotter 
Cover from RAF SADR  Philip Kaye 
Morocco forged postmark  Ron Peters 
Cover from Tetuan  Bob Deakin 
Registered / insurance mail  Martin Hickman 
Constantinople 6d registration fee  Alexios Papadopoulos 
British Bechuanaland d firstr issue Marius Wlodarczyk 
Registration sheets at the BPM Marius Wlodarczyk 
Levant correspondence discoveries at the BPM Marius Wlodarczyk 

2008/1 (Spring)

Tangier handstamp Geoff Chivers
The d Levant of 1911 John Davies
Maddelina, Cyrenaica John Davies
GPO Archive research David Stotter
Q Victoria issues overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
Edward VII Gold Coast telegraph forms Jeremy Martin
Civilan registered mail, Constantinople I  Chris Grimshaw 
Cyrenaica cover  Brian Fenemore 
British centenary cover  Keith Lloyd 
d vermilion Brian Hurst 
Q Victoria Jubilee perforations  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Eritrea currency rates  John Davies 
Q Victoria plate varieties  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Three Tangier covers  John Smith 

2007/4 (Christmas)

Queen Victoria d  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Board of Trade journal  Brian Bleurran 
Oil Rivers  Tony Simmonds 
More George V overprint files  Bryan Kearsley 
2/6d arms overprinted MEF  John Davies 
Blue airmail stickers  Brian Doherty 
George VI arms T-guides  Marius Wlodarczyk  
Gold Coast overprinted Telegraph forms  Alan Huggins 
BOFIC postage dues, missing stops  Mike Sanders 
Reopening of BPO Smyrna  Tony Stanford 
Morocco puzzle  Ivan Holliday 
Edward VII 1d postal stationery cards Tony Stanford 
George VI overprinted airletter forms in the Falkland Is  WP Vevers 
Jubilee notes Andy Wilde 

2007/3 (Autumn)

 Groves & Lindley covers John Smith 
BA Eritrea telegrams  Derek Jefcoate 
Morocco 1930s overprints  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Eritrea list of charges leaflet  Mike Sanders 
Bechuanaland d vermilion   Brian Hurst 
BOFIC philatelic cover  John Davies 
The Stamp Lover  Mike Sanders 
Morocco Agencies issue dates  Marius Wlodarczyk
Levant George V Seahorses  Bryan Kearsley 
CA Overprints  David Kaiserman 
British Levant Harrison printings  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Levant insured mail  Alexios Papadopoulos 
Morocco Agencies overprint varieties  Alan Tregurtha 
Tangier postmark  John Smith 

2007/2 (Summer)

Agedabia MEF cover Brian Fenemore 
Torquay overprints Tony Stanford 
Levant 40 paras double surcharge  Derek Jefcoate 
Bechuanaland overprint varieties  Tony Stanford 
Levant Edward VII large blocks  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Levant Edward VII 2d revised plating  Andy Hawthorn 
Edward VII 4d overprinted  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Tristan da Cunha  Harvey Russell 
Edward VII 1s overprints & shades  Marius Wlodarczyk 
A cryptic address (BM/HTOM)  Jon Perrot 
Closure of Constantinople post office  Andy Hawthorn 
GBOS forum  John Gledhill 
Southern Rhodesia trial overprint British South Africa  Tony Stanford 
Levant military mail  Martin Hickman 
BOFIC cover  John Davies 
Morocco missing serif to "1" of "15"  John Smith 

2007/1 (Spring)

"By Sea" cover Andy Hawthorn 
Jubilee notes  Andy Wilde 
"CA" overprint  Jon Perrot 
Post-war Levant  Chris Grimshaw 
Eritrea British administration Brian Fenemore
British Stamps in Levant  Michael Varin 
Sir Gawain Baillie collection  Andy Hawthorne
Dodecanese Islands  Mike Sanders 
George VI Arms T-guide  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Groves & Lindley, Levant Andy Hawthorne
Yet another Hawkins cover  Tony Simmonds 

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