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2002 / 4 (Winter)

Tangier Christmas card Ivan Holliday
French airmail charges Harvey Russell
Levant E VII 1 piastre watermark inverted John Gledhill
Levant perfin Susan McEwen
Tidal Testing Sea-borne Bottle, overprint John Gledhill
Morocco transposed dates in postmarks Solly Laredo
Cornwall and Wales propaganda overprints Bruce Townshend
Bahrain revenues Neil Donaldson
Forged "British post ofice" (sic) postmark, Casablanca Chris Moore
Levant registered cover Richard Malim
Dodecanese "Calymnos" postmarks Brian Doherty
BOFIC telegram rates paid with GB overprinted postage stamps Roger Schnell
Unoverprinted King George V stamps used in Morocco David Stotter
"GB Overprints, a Compendium of overprints on Great Britain postage [and revenue] stamps", J M Gledhill, review Tony Stanford
Who printed them? Unoverprinted Seahorses in Levant Geoffrey Bond
Levant, International Express Delivery service Alexios Papadopoulos
Hotel Cecil Tangier cancels David Stotter
British Post Offices in Morocco - Fez David Stotter
Morocco incoming mail Ivan Holliday
Nazi war propaganda issues John Gledhill

2002 / 3 (Autumn)

Morocco Agencies GV postal stationery Chris Rainey
Tribute to Dott. Nicola Sciarra Ron Peters
"The Overprinter" review in Gibbons Stamp Magazine repr.
Bahrain meter mail, BPAEA (Qatar) revenues Mike Parker
Bahrain cancel Alan Tregurtha
Marrakesh cover with charity stickers Alan Scott
Another Dourson cover Harvey Russell
Levant registered cover Keith Lloyd
MEF "MAPE" handstamp Steve Drewett
Early Levant covers Alexios Papadopoulos
Morocco, Chatting about airmails Ivan Halliday, Barrie Cook
Airmails - Morocco to UK John Rawlins
Bahrain, castles 2 rupees Alan Tregurtha
Tangier 2/6d castle variety Alan Tregurtha
Levant forgeries Geoff Chivers
Bahrain 1953 coronation air letter form Alan Tregurtha
Nazi Propaganda overprints John Gledhill
Morocco, colour of KG V 3c overprints John Gledhill
Propaganda overprints in the UK (Ireland, Cornwall, Wales) John Gledhill
Kuwait, Donaldson type 5 cds John Gillham
Commercial overprints used on cover John Rawlins

2002 / 2 (Summer)

Tangier coronation slogan postmark on airletter David Stotter
Morocco Silver Jubilee alleged forged variety Harvey Russell
Plymouth "Paquebot" cancellation on Morocco Agencies Alan Tregurtha
Drummond Hay family, Morocco Philip Robinson, Solly Laredo
A Dourson cover variety Norman Coutts
And another Dourson cover Derek Jefcoate
Overprinted G VI low value definitives available in Tangier 1939 to 1945 David Stotter
Morocco Silver Jubilee alleged forged variety Geoff Chivers
Bechuanaland, Imperial Airways first airmail flight from Capetown to London Tony Stanford
Morocco airmail rate postage Ronald Watson
Levant, Edward VII update Richard Malim
Cover from London to Calymnos Martyn Hickman
GPO Morocco Agencies Committee David Stotter
BPAEA 1 annas, Edward E2R watermark, used pair Tony Stanford
V V bogus "Victory" overprint on GB G6 Tony Stanford
Gibraltar "overprint", possibly a ship's letter cachet John Gledhill
Railway Letter essays John Gledhill
Bogus "War Tax" overprints on GB G6 John Gledhill
British South Africa proposed overprints John Gledhill
Commercial overprints used on cover Derek Jefcoate

2002 / 1 (Spring)

Levant forged overprint on Edward VII Susan McEwen
Morocco misplaced overprint Alan Tregurtha
Mazagan cancels Solly Laredo
Levant parcel post Tony Stanford
Postcard postage due Tony Stanford
A few Morocco items Bob Deakin
BOFIC varieties Alan Tregurtha
The BPO Smyrna (1919-22), addition to the list of pre-war items Alexios Papadopoulos
Double overprint on King Edward VII Marius Wlodarczyk
Nauru controls and quantities Keith Buckingham
Minor varieties of the Morocco overprints on George V Ron Peters
Bahrain: continued use of British agency datestamps Terry Jones
Morocco Silver Jubilee overprint forgery? Marius Wlodarczyk
MEF censored covers Mike Breward
Stamp sales at Morocco BPOs 1941-1934 David Stotter
The Imperial Ottoman Bank Tony Stanford
Civilan use of military posts Martin Hickman
Morocco Agencies perfins, Banque d'Etat de Maroc Tony Stanford

2001 / 4 (December)

Ireland - the harrison coils Tony Stanford
BOFIC covers Alan Tregurtha
British Levant 40 paras provisional issue of 1893 Philip Robinson
Double circle Mazagan cancels Solly Laredo
Jubilee Lines John Davies
Furst-Benady finds No. 10: The MN1-MN2 changeover at Mazagan Arthur Furst
MEF cover Robin Upton
Bahrain: Late use of British cancellations John Gillham
Nagel's Morocco Travel Guide, Paris 1953 John Rawlins
Trucial States overprints Neil Donaldson
MEF cover Steve Drewett
Tangier postmarks cancellation date slugs Solly Laredo
Morocco postcard Alan Tregurtha
MEF revenue use in Tripoli Mike Sanders
Bahrain parcel post John Gillham
Morocco / Tangier cover Robin Upton
Commercial overprints Derek Jeffcoate
Morocco Agencies double overprint Robin Upton
British Levant forged overprint Alan Tregurtha

2001 / 3 (September)

Via London cachet from Morocco Alan Tregurtha
Morocco bogus "specimen" overprint Gary Clark
The halfpenny Jubilee Army Telegraphs overprints Tony Stanford
Somalia registration etiquette - Mogadishu 2 Mike Sanders
Morocco Agencies photogravure issue of 1934-36 (reprint from 1987) Alan Scott
Trucial states bogus overprints (Ajman, Fujeira, Umm al Quiwain) Tony Stanford
Morocco Agencies Silver Jubilee overprints Tony Stanford
Fujeira cover and contents Steve Drewett
Morocco Agencies: The Edward VII 4d green and brown Marius Wlodarczyk
HMS Pegasus Royal Naval mail forwarded through BPOs in Levant Alexios Papadopoulos
Jubilee lines or marginal rules Marius Wlodarczyk, Alan Tregurtha
Punched marginal holes and perforation Harvey Russell
MEF control & cylinder blocks Alan Tregurtha
The destruction of Smyrna and the closure of the British post office Alexios Papadopoulos
Tripoli: British use of captured italian stationery Mike Sanders

2001 / 2 (June)

Morocco covers Ivan Holliday
Morocco postage due Ron Peters, Simon Fielding
Tangier Express letter Barry Durston
Double circle cancel of Mazagan Solly Laredo
Missing jubilee line John Davies
Kuwait: Introduction of GB overprinted stamps Francis Kiddle FRPSL
Morocco: The Afriat family Chris Kay
Morocco: Did it go via London Ivan Holliday
Distorted Levant overprint Richard Malim
Morocco covers Arthur Furst
Specimen Overprints of BOFIC John Davies
More on Captain Smye: Morocco David Stotter
A post-war parcel from Constantinople Arthur Furst
New double overprint (Morocco Gibraltar period card) Ron Peters


2001 / 1 (March)

Obituary of Patrick the Lord Spens Francis Kiddle FRPSL
Morocco photogravure sizes John Gledhill
Southern Rhodesia postage dues CTO cover Barrie Cook
Forces registered mail, Sharjah via Bahrain John Gillham
Abu Dhabi, Muscat covers Mike Phelan
Morocco Agencies "X" cachet on airmail David Stotter
Patriotic airmail etiquette (Morocco) Tony Stanford
Morocco Seahorses Brian Fenemore
Levant George V distorted overprint Tony Stanford
The double circle Mazagan cancel Solly Laredo
Levant: a "repatriated" cover John Beard
Morocco: the 1940 centenary issues Brian Parker


2000 / 4 (December)

Morocco: What might have been - or some false alarms Arthur Furst
BOFIC covers Alan Tregurtha
Morocco by clipper David Stotter
Southern Rhodesia postage dues Tony Stanford
Bahrain overprint forgery Alan Tregurtha
Recent "arrivals" from Levant Arthur Furst
Another Tetuan airmail Ivan Holliday
Items from Tripolitania Mike Sanders
S (perfin) stands for ...? David Stotter


2000 / 3 (September)

Bechuanaland Queen Victoria d complete sheet Tony Stanford
Festival high values sheet layout Alan Tregurtha
Unoverprinted George VI in Tangier Gary Clark
Tangier letter codes Solly Laredo
Comet first flight (Bahrain) Harry Brush
First flight covers John Gillham
"May 2000" A view from the other side Barrie Cook
A Tetuan airmail cover: more questions David Stotter
Tripolitania sympathy cards Mike Sanders
Bahrain 1949 arms R10 on 10/- John Gillham
Airgraphs John Davies
The 1940 centenary issues, Morocco Agencies and Tangier Barrie Cook
Bahrain Exchange Office stamps John Gillham
British Bechuanaland d vermilion Tony Stanford
Palestine: GB overprinted fiscals Tony Stanford
Commercial overprint layouts Lawrence Armitage
Tangier airmail covers: more a question than an answer David Stotter


2000 / 2 (June)

British West Charterland Ltd expedition to N'Gamiland Brian Fenemore
Morocco Airmail cover Bob Deakin
Larache earliest known date Barry Duston
Ladysmith siege cover Brian Fenemore
Morocco: A bit of an ugly duckling! Ron Peters
Morocco covers Tony Bishop
Gibraltar apparent overprint John Davies
Unoverprinted George VI from Tangier David Stotter
The Cyprus line-engraved overprints Tony Stanford
Bahrain parcel post John Gillham
BPO Smyrna Alexios Papadopoulos
Tangier letter coded cancellations David Stotter, Arthur Furst


2000 / 1 (Millenium edition)

This was a special edition, with a full colour cover, and was specially formulated to include significant articles on an extensive range of GBOS areas, rather than the sort of ongoing matters covered in other issues of the journal.

British West Charterland Ltd expedition to N'Gamiland Brian Fenemore
British West Charterland early letters of the Lake N'Gami area Tony Chilton FRGS
Assab registration label Alan Tregurtha
Oil Rivers covers Morris Taber
GB Overprints for the non-specialist John Gledhill
A first day cover from Morocco Agencies (Tangier) David Stotter
Furst Benady finds No. 9 "Centimes for Centimos" revisited Arthur Furst
BOAC Comet first flight covers and air letters John Gillham
British Levant - the changes in postal rates 1907 Richard Malim
References in the Post Office archives to postal services in Morocco John Davies
Kuwait silver jubilee and "castles" varieties Alan Tregurtha
The BPO Salonica single ring cancellation Arthur Furst
Commercial overprints - an introduction Lawrence Armitage
Tangier Ronald Watkins
More on the BPO at Smyrna post-war Arthur Furst
Thoughts on "A genuine airmail cover" John Rawlins
An "Avis de Reception" form from the BPO Constantinople 1890 Arthur Furst
"Too late" cachet in Tangier Murray Gellatly
Tangier instructional marks Murray Gellatly
The GB Overprints Society (origin and growth) Francis Kiddle RDP FRPSL
Review of Millenium edition Murray Gellatly

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