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2006/4 (Christmas)

Christmas card from Asmara Mike Sanders 
King Edward VII revisited  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Cancelled in China  Andy Hawthorn 
Another Hawkins cover Tony Stanford 
Bechuanaland 1891 overprint varieties  Tony Stanford 
Cover from Benghazi  John Davies 
Bahrain GB postal stationery card  Tony Stanford 
Southern Rhodesia Postage Due cover Tony Stanford 
Pre-printed George V postal stationery card  David Stotter 
Onward Air Transmission (OAT)  John Smith 
The Rossi Collection auction report  John Gledhill 
April Fool, reflection  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Tetuan high values Chris Hawthorn 
George VI cover  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Bogus surcharge on perfin Tony Stanford 
Morocco Agencies varieties  Tony Stanford 

2006/3 (Autumn)

Tangier reversed "N" postmark John Smith 
BA Tripolitania postage duies  Mike Sanders 
Morocco, Groves & Lindley Murray Gellatly
By Sea cachet Ivan Holliday 
BPO Laraiche postal stationery  Ronald Watson 
George V varieties on Levant  Andy Hawthorn 
April Fool and other dates  Geoff Bond 
Morocco fantasy overprints  Peter Berry 
George VI Arms  Marius Wlodarczyk 
Edward VII overprints for Morocco  Andy Hawthorn 
Some Edward VII flaws on Levant  Andy Hawthorn 
 Levant registration labels Geoff Bond 
 Unissued stamps of Italian Somaliland John Davies 

2006/2 (Summer)

(Note: this issue was accidentally headed "Spring", like the previous edition)

Jersey occupation overprints John Gledhill
Current research projects Tony Stanford
Postage due Michael Furfie, Mike Sanders
The Benady find continued David Stotter, Arthur Furst
A disappointing cover (EAF) Mike Sanders
Levant 1887 Queen Victoria 40 paras double surcharge Alexios Papadopoulos
Levant "April Fool", or not, as the case may be Andy Hawthorn
Levant Edward VII plate flaws Andy Hawthorn
Smyrna 1922, service suspended Susan McEwen
Levant Military Mail Martin Hickman
Discovering Seahorses Bryan Kearsley
Morocco Centimes overprinted registered envelope size H David Stotter
Levant King Edward VII 2d plate 6 overprinted 1 piastre Marius Wlodarczyk
North Atlantic Air Service (Morocco): Notes on the cachet usage 1939-1947 John Smith
Morocco Agencies George V die 2 block cypher Marius Wlodarczyk
The introduction of registration labels in Levant Alexios Papadopoulos
BMA Eritrea misplaced overprints Mike Osborne


2006 / 1 (Spring)

MEF King George VI 5s flaw Ron Peters
Overprinter receives an award Ron Peters
Somalia Xmas greeting Mike Sanders
Morocco post offices John Smith
Levant and Morocco Andy Hawthorn
Morocco bisects John Smith
Morocco cover to Switzerland John Smith
Levant King Edward VII 2 piastres plate Geoff Chivers
Dodecanese BFPOs Alistair Kennedy
Morocco Edward VIII 2d flaw Brian Fenemore
Eritrea postage due "no stop" variety John Smith
Mafeking control letters John Gledhill
Morocco Agencies KE VII 4d green & brown Mike Kipling
Morocco Agencies cover Harvey Russell
Tribute to Arthur Furst David Stotter
BOFIC research Mike Sanders
Morocco & Levant Marius Wlodarczyk
Levant, Issue date of 40 paras on 2d John Davies
Bechuanaland, a cover to Jersey Morris Taber
BMA Eritrea misplaced overprints Mike Sanders
The extended use of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica dated handstamps after Libyan independence John Davies
Morocco & Levant, KE VII bicolour issues with plates cut into sections Marius Wlodarczyk
Postage dues used in Eritrea, Zuara Citt Mike Sanders
Morocco, updating of E VII and G V Chris Hawthorn
Bechuanaland cover and South Africa overprint on GB postal order Brian Fenemore


2005 / 4 (Christmas)

RAF Castel Benito Christmas card Mike Sanders
In memoriam Arthur Furst David Stotter
Joint meeting with GB Society Ron Peters
Mafeking Forgery John Gledhill
Morocco Agencies 1 Franc Alan Tregurtha
Morocco Agencies Festival 2/6d (repr. from Murray Payne "Sixth Sense")
Edward VII frame break (Morocco Agencies 2/6d) Andrew Hawthorn
Eritrea telegraph forms Jeff Turnbull
Gulf fonts John Gledhill
BOFIC notes John Davies
The Wippich correspondence John Davies
Jubilee notes Andy Wilde
Two high values and a penny Alan Tregurtha
KG V jubilee overprints Marius Wlodarczyk
QE II cylinders John Gledhill
Let the buyer beware Chris Hawthorn
Admiralty officials postal stationery Tony Stanford
Somalia Xmas greetings Mike Sanders
KE VII 4d green & brown Marius Wlodarczyk
Desert airmail service (Levant) Alexios Papadopoulos
Morocco Agencies 15 Centimes Mike Osborne
Comments on Andy Hawthorne's articles Marius Wlodarczyk
KE VII 2 piastres Marius Wlodarczyk
New Cyprus discovery Tony Stanford

2005 / 3 (Autumn)

Eritrean parcel tag Michael Breward
Incoming mail "not called for" Harvey Russell
Irish overprints Alan Tregurtha
Spanish zone overprints Solly Laredo
Italian Sassone catalogue John Davies
Bahrain coronation forgeries Alan Tregurtha
Nauru d blocks David Lewis
Tangier letter codes 1908 Chris Hawthorn
Tripolitania Zuara Citt dates Mike Sanders
KG V Silver Jubilee Morocco Agencies Marius Wlodarczyk
A tale of two stamps (Morocco double printing plates) David Stotter
Seen at auction Andrew Hawthorn
Some more Ed VII frame breaks Andrew Hawthorn
The Wippich correspondence John Davies
Issue date of 40 Paras Levant Marius Wlodarczyk
Forged Levant Ed VII overprint Marius Wlodarczyk
British Levant overprint varieties Marius Wlodarczyk
Cancelled in Gibraltar Chris Hawthorn
Registered envelopes overprinted Tangier David Stotter


2005 / 2 (Summer)

Morocco cover from the Boer War Brian Fenemore
Additional Medicine Duty stamp used on cover Steve Drewett
Cover from Kanya Exploration Company Brian Fenemore
The "Royal" review Tony Stanford
New York rubbish (the bogus Ajman, Fujairah & Umm Al Qiwain overprints) Neil Donaldson
Nauru Publication Keith Buckingham
Discovering Seahorses Bryan Kearsley
GBOS members visit to USA Tony Stanford
KE VII 5 Piastre Marius Wlodarczyk
KE VII Levant postcard Marius Wlodarczyk
KE VII Levant framebreaks Marius Wlodarczyk
Issue date of Levant QV 40 Paras / 2d Alexios Papadopoulos
Nalut and the Kyram Lewis correspondence John Davies
Bechuanaland Protectorate KE VII 1s value Marius Wlodarczyk
Development of PO counter training schools Gerald Mobbs
KE VII frame breaks & varieties Andy Hawthorn
QE II and G VI cylinders John Gledhill
G V Silver Jubilee, forgeries and misplacements David Stotter, Brian Parker
The KE VII 1d plate 9 Marius Wlodarczyk
Registered envelopes John Davies
Airmail from Asmara Roger Schnell
The KE VII d Army Official overprint Marius Wlodarczyk
Spanish Zone overprints Chris Hawthorn
KE VII 5d overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
Bechuanaland postmarks Brian Fenemore
1887 QV 2d overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
The Rossi collection auction, Warwick & Warwick, report John Gledhill
MacDonnell Whyte auction report John Perrot

2005 / 1 (March)

This was a special edition to accompany the Society's display at the Royal Philatelic Society, 17 March 2005. The articles comprised primarily commentary and further details on some of the items displayed.

British occupation of Italian colonies Mike Sanders
Bahrain Barrie Cook
Kuwait George VI 5 R5 and postmarks Francis Kiddle RDP FRPSL
Dubai, Muscat & Qatar Mike Phelan
Air letters of the British Postal Agencies in the Gulf Terry Jones
British Levant Geoff Chivers FRPSL
British Levant 40 Paras printed stationery envelope, inverted overprint Arthur Furst
British Levant pot pourri Arthur Furst
British Levant registered envelopes Richard Malim
British Levant 1907 postal rate changes, Constantinople Seahorses Richard Malim
British Levant, the re-opening of Smyrna 1919 Alexios Papadopoulos
Morocco Agencies, Gibraltar period Ron Peters
Morocco miscellany David Stotter
Morocco Agencies, early postal stationery 1907-1921 Arthur Furst
Morocco Agencies specimen stamps Francis Kiddle RDP FRPSL
Morocco Agencies Murray Gellatly FRPSL
Morocco Agencies airmails Ivan Holliday, Bob Deakin FRPSL
Morocco Agencies, GB stamps and postal stationery used in Tangier David Stotter
Morocco Agencies, control blocks Mike Osborne
Morocco Agencies modern material and overprinted postal orders Francis Kiddle RDP FRPSL
Morocco Agencies last day covers Barrie Cook
Morocco Agencies Tangier missing hyphens Geoff Chivers FRPSL
Cyprus plate 217 Tony Stanford FRPSL
GB QV Jubilee overprints in Africa Morris Taber FRPSL
Zululand Tony Stanford FRPSL, Morris Taber FRPSL
Bechuanaland postal stationery Eric Lyall
Oil Rivers overprints and surcharges Morris Taber FRPSL
Oil Rivers covers Simon Burke
Irish Seahorses Ikuo Ikehara
Ireland: the Harrison coils Tony Stanford FRPSL
Nauru, British mandate 1915-1923 Keith Buckingham
The Anglo-Boer War Tony Stanford FRPSL, Morris Taber FRPSL
Southern Rhodesia postage dues Tony Stanford FRPSL
Perfins on GB overprints Tony Stanford FRPSL
Commercial overprints Jeremy Wilkes
Das Island Neil Donaldson
CA overprint David Lewthwaite

2004 / 4 (Christmas)

Das Island David Lewthwaite
G VI 5/- Tangier variety repr. Murray Payne "Sixth Sense"
Guyane "overprint" Tony Stanford
New York "goodie" (the bogus Ajman, Fujairah & Umm Al Qiwain overprints) David Lewthwaite
Levant code "M" cancel Alan Tregurtha
Mazagan MN2 earliest known date Alan Tregurtha
Dodecanese BFPOs Roger Schnell
Levant perforations Andy Hawthorn
Levant 5 piastres Andy Hawthorn
Morocco Agencies mixed franking David Stotter
Use of GB overprints within Great Britain Tony Stanford
Postage due design John Davies
Bechuanaland hand-illustrated envelope David Stotter
Levant KE VII postcard, "bogus" overprint of 1911 Alan Huggins
British POs in Morocco 1943-1945 Alistair Kennedy
Morocco Agencies Silver Jubilee forgery Tony Stanford
KE VII 1d overprinted, a detective story Marius Wlodarczyk
Kiss and double overprints Tony Stanford
Gulf & Morocco miscellany Alan Tregurtha
Morocco airmail rates, French zone Ivan Holliday, David Stotter
Misleading catalogue entries (repr. from 2004 / 1) John Gledhill
Morocco KE VII blocks Bill Tyson
Kuwait type 5 cds Mike Phelan
Kuwait Festival 2 rupees Alan Tregurtha
British Bechuanaland overprint varieties Brian Fenemore
Bechuanaland, a couple of covers Brian Fenemore
Gulf: a response to Mashael John Davies
OHMS "overprint", School specimens, Zululand J control John Gledhill

2004 / 3 (Autumn)

Kuwait registered covers Neil Donaldson
Muscat "Hendjam" postmark Peter Berry
Tangier datestamp error Robin Davis
Comments on Levant articles Marius Wlodarczyk
Some interesting Kuwait covers Geoff Chivers
Morocco miscellany Arthur Furst
KE VII 1d overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
Use of Sterling overprints on airmail from the French Zone (Morocco) David Stotter
Use of unoverprinted KG VI olympic games stamps in Morocco David Stotter, Barrie Cook
BOFIC & Levant notes on recent articles Richard Malim
Morocco postage rates, May 1940: Spanish zone Barrie Cook
Morocco mixed franking Geoff Chivers
Levant postal stationery Alexios Papadopoulos
Eritrea red cross forms Roger Schnell

2004 / 2 (Summer)

Nauru "colonias" specimens James Bendon
Somaliland bogus overprints John Gledhill
School specimens John Gledhill
Oil Rivers postcard used in GB Rob May
Tetuan bisects Geoff Chivers, Solly Laredo
Gulf wildings on cream or white paper John Gledhill
Morocco KE VII 2d Marius Wlodarczyk
Levant KE VII 24 piastres perforation John Gledhill
Nauru Seahorses John Gledhill
Gulf, queries and overprinted postal order Mashael Alhajeri
Levant Marius Wlodarczyk
Tangier ship letter Barrie Cook
Tangier victory cover Geoff Chivers
Dodecanese Islands Derek Jefcoate, Philip Kaye
Morocco airmail oddity Ivan Holliday
More on British Levant postal stationery and blocks Richard Malim
Tangier coronation datestamp error Barrie Cook
Bechuanaland postmarks Brian Fenemore
Muscat & Dubai, registration labels and postmarks Mike Phelan
Gulf varieties Alan Tregurtha
British Levant KE VII 40 paras on cover Philip Kaye
Morocco, Express Delivery cover Barrie Cook
Levant, the KE VII 1d overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
Southern Rhodesia, bisected postage dues Dave Morton
Levant varieties of the 1910 fractional values Andy Hawthorn
Morocco, overprinted KG VI "arms" Marius Wlodarczyk

2004 / 1 (Spring)

Cover from Levant to Morocco Andy Hawthorn
Tribute to Tony Bishop David Stotter
Morocco albino overprint John Gledhill
Morocco control block John Gledhill
Dodecanese Islands postmarks Tom Current
"Somaliland" overprints (bogus) David Lewthwaite
Misleading entries in catalogues John Gledhill
Levant varieties Richard Malim
Levant cover Susan McEwen
Unrecorded "Duplicate" handstamp of the BPO Constantinople Alexios Papadopoulos
Morocco KG V Silver Jubilee Francis Kiddle
Levant KE VII 12 Piastres on 2/6d Andrew Hawthorn
Morocco GV 10 centimes minor varieties Mike Osborne
Guyane "overprint" Alan Tregurtha
British Levant postal stationery, the "bogus" overprint of 1911 Alan Huggins
Levant unrecorded postal stationery Alan Huggins
Morocco Marrakesh (Mellah) cancels Solly Laredo
Morocco unoverprinted KG V postal stationery David Stotter
Tangier overprints David Stotter
Morocco: Fez airmails David Stotter
Tetuan bisect David Stotter
Tangier airmails Ivan Holliday
Tangier covers Geoff Chivers
School Specimen overprints John Gledhill
Levant, 5 piastres on 1 shilling Andrew Hawthorn
Levant KE VII, a preliminary record of large surviving blocks Marius Wlodarczyk
British Levant 2 piastre Marius Wlodarczyk
Levant KE VII - an unsolved mystery Marius Wlodarczyk
Levant 40 paras provisional Marius Wlodarczyk

2003 / 4 (Christmas)

Foreign stamps overprinted for use in Great Britain John Rawlins
Morocco Agencies cylinder blocks John Gledhill
Morocco Agencies Edward VII 2d plate flaws Geoff Chivers
"Missent to Constantinople" Philip Kaye
Bogus Levant overprint on 1d lilac John Gledhill
Tangier "paid" cancellation Harvey Russell
The 1893 British Levant 40 paras provisional overprint James Bendon, John Davies
Levant Richard Malim
Levant KE VII 2d printings Marius Wlodarczyk
Some thoughts on MEF John Davies
Morocco GV 10 centimes minor varieties Mike Osborne
Tangier airmails John Rawlins
1955 Waterlow castles 2 Rupees on 2/6d value Alan Tregurtha
Morocco & Levant, Edward VII 2/6d constant flaws Geoff Chivers
Morocco & Levant De La Rue overprints Andy Hawthorn
Morocco & Levant, The KE VII 1s overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
Morocco & Levant, The KE VII d overprinted Marius Wlodarczyk
Gulf web sites Tony Stanford

2003 / 3

Morocco, cover from Alcazar anon
"British Army postal cancellations of the Anglo-Boer war 1899 to 1902", Peter Prime, review Tony Stanford
Levant 40 paras provisional Marius Wlodarczyk
Morocco broken frame flaw Alan Tregurtha
BOFIC postage rates Roger Schnell
Further to Fez Ronald Watson
Eritrea "Festival" cover Ronald Watson
"County" collection auction, Argyll Etkin Tony Stanford
Tangier meter mark? John Gledhill
Tangier airmails, some new insights Arthur Furst
"COL VAP.DA / ALESS" Austrian cancellation on British Levant postal stationery envelope Alexios Papadopoulos
Morocco & Levant, Edward VII 2/6d a constant flaw Andy Hawthorn
Morocco, KG V major plate varieties Tony Bishop
Bechuanaland & Nauru, any old rubbish for overprinting... comment Marius Wlodarczyk
Morocco, another airmail oddity Ivan Holliday
Levant: The law of unintended consequences Richard Malim
Morocco, GV 10 centimes minor varieties Mike Osborne
Levant: The law of unintended consequences Marius Wlodarczyk
Mogador cancellations, the double ring cds Ronald Watson
The overprinted KE VII stamps, the 2d 1887-1910 Marius Wlodarczyk

2003 / 2 (Summer)

Gold Coast overprinted registration cover Murray Gellatly
Levant 40 paras Marius Wlodarczyk
Commercial overprints Marius Wlodarczyk
"OHMS" overprint on OW Official d KE VII John Gledhill
Jersey swastika forgeries John Gledhill
Morocco KG V 1 franc plate variety Ron Peters
Cyprus bogus "official 12 c" overprint John Gledhill
Tripoli post office John Davies
Levant 40 paras provisional John Davies
Eritrea & Somalia "Certified Official" cachet Mike Parker
Levant, a story inside the cover Susan McEwan
Morocco, Fez airmails Marius Wlodarczyk
Eritrea - an interesting document (revenues) Tony Stanford
Bechuanaland, Moseley collection - two essays in the British Library John Gledhill
Morocco Agencies KG V 25c on 2d variety Alan Tregurtha
Tangier year slug shenanigans revisited Arthur Furst
Morocco New GV postal stationery registered envelope Arthur Furst
Levant: the law of unintended consequences Marius Wlodarczyk
Use them up ... they won't know John Gledhill
AV2 cachets and other things John Davies
Morocco: an update, KG V major plate varieties Marius Wlodarczyk
Levant, missent to Constantinople Tony Simmonds
Some questions on BOFIC Roger Schnell
BOFIC rates Keith Lloyd
"Overprints on British stamps for use abroad", Tom Current, review John Gledhill
Flaws on the QEII castles Alan Tregurtha
Tangier scratch Marius Wlodarczyk


2003 / 1 (Spring)

Levant perfin Rosemary Smith
Lundy phantom John Gledhill
BPAEA 1d error of watermark, St Edwards crown E2R block of 4 Alan Tregurtha
The 1893 British Levant 40 paras provisional overprint Marius Wlodarczyk
Morocco postmarks David Stotter
Telegram rates Chris Harman
Levant notes Arthur Furst
BOFIC notes Roger Schnell
BOFIC "Festival" high values John Davies
Levant covers Alexios Papadopoulos
Kuwait's type 5 canceller Terry Jones
J Barefoot "Barefoot Commonwealth Revenues" review John Gledhill
British East Africa overprint variation John Gledhill
Levant perfins Tony Stanford

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