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The Library represents a considerable investment by the Society, and Members are reminded that the GBOS Librarian always welcomes new items to add to the list. Members are bound by the rules of the Library. All requests for loans must be directed to the Librarian. Non members are not eligible to borrow from the Society Library.

The Society Library respects the copyright of the original authors and publishers, and therefore contains only such photocopies as are needed for private study purposes by Society members. On no account can borrowers make copies, in electronic or any other format, which would infringe the original copyright.

Items in the listing marked "(large)" may be unsuitable for loan by post.

1 Levant

2 British South Africa, British East Africa 
   (Bechuanaland, Zululand, Mafeking, Southern Rhodesia, British East Africa)

3 British West Africa (Oil Rivers, Gold Coast)

4 BOFIC (MEF, EAF, Eritrea, Somalia, Tripolitania)

5 The Gulf (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, BPAEA)

6 Ireland

7 Morocco Agencies, Tangier (including Gibraltar)

8 Nauru

9 Cyprus

10 GB Officials (Departmental overprints)

11 General (cylinders/controls, specimens, postmarks, auctions etc)

12 GBOS publications (The Overprinter, Study Papers)

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