GB Overprints Society

Rules for participating in Society auctions

Please help the smooth running of the auction by carefully noting the following points.

1) The GBOS auctions are only open to paid up members of the society

2) Details of forthcoming auctions will be circulated with the Overprinter

3) Bidding:

• Telephone bids are not accepted. Bids from members should be sent by post or e-mail to the Auctioneers address.

• Bids will be entered and administered by the Auction Secretary to the best of his ability, but neither he nor the Society can be held responsible for any error or omission, nor for any non-delivery or delayed receipt of bids. Proof of posting does not count as proof of receipt. Bids received will be acknowledged by email where possible.

4) Items for offer may first be discussed with the Auction Secretary and then sent by recorded or registered post at the seller’s risk.

• Each entry must be accompanied with a reserve price.

• Entries must be clearly labelled – what you write will appear in the auction list.

• Entries must be well presented and each lot separately packed with a minimum size of 3 x 2 inches (75mm x 50mm).

Please note, once the auction list has been issued, the description cannot be modified.

5) The condition UMM; MM; Mint; FU; GU; CTO; should be confirmed by the seller. Damaged items and heavily mounted mint stamps are normally not acceptable

6) Once the auction list has been published, lots may not be withdrawn and vendors may not bid for their own lots.

7) Scans of lots to be sent by e-mail maybe requested at any time.

Photocopies of lots can be provided at a cost of 10p per copy. The interested party must send a SAE to the Auction Secretary with mint stamps with full gum to the value of the requested photocopies.

8) Late bids: Any bids arriving later than the advertised closing time will not be accepted.

9) Each lot has a reserve which is the lowest value for which a bid maybe made. In general this reserve is set by the seller

10) Auction bidding steps are ;

• 20p up to £5
• 50p from £5.50 to £10
• £1   from £11 to £25
• £2   from £26 to £50
• £5   from £55 upwards

• Any intermediate bidding will be reduced to the next lower bidding step

11) “Buy” bids are not accepted. Conditional bids are also not accepted e.g. “only if the perforations are perfect” etc.

All lots are carefully described, if in doubt request a scan.

12) In the event of tied bids, the first bidder wins the lot.

13) Payment in full, including post & packaging (which will be advised) must be received before the lots are despatched to the successful bidders.

Payment must be in the form of cheques drawn on a British Bank and payable in Sterling to the G.B. Overprints Society.

Alternatively a Giro transfer maybe made to The GB Overprints Society account code 11 854 8301 at Girobank, Bootle, Merseyside, UK quoting code GIR BGB 22720000 and your name , - -

Also payment maybe made via PayPal to Please add 5% rounded up to the nearest £ to cover expenses.

In other cases overseas bidders may, by prior arrangement, make cash payment, sent by registered post at the senders risk to the Auction Secretary’s address.

14) The lots will be despatched once the payment has been received:

• Lots up to £10 in value will be sent by 1st class post.
• Lots between £10 & £50 in value will be sent by recorded delivery requiring a signature on receipt.

• All lots being posted outside the UK and those above £50 in the UK will be sent by International “Signed for” post or “Royal Mail Special Delivery”

15) Sales commission: The commission charged by the GBOS to the vendor will be 10% of the hammer price.

16) Unsold lots will remain with the Auction Secretary and will be passed to the Packet Secretary for sale at the reserve price or will be returned directly to the seller at their expense as they require.

17) Returns: These will only be accepted if the lot, in question, in the opinion - informed as necessary - of the Auctioneer is not as described. Notification of desire to return must be given within 48 hours of receipt. Lots may not be returned without the specific written agreement of the Auctioneer.

18) The Auctioneer’s decision is final.

Approved at 2009 AGM (incorporating subsequent requested clarifications)

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