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Rules for using the Society library


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1 The Library facilities shall be available to all full members in the UK.

2 Applications for books must be made in writing or by email to the Librarian quoting section, book number, book title and author of book required. Such an application shall be regarded as an assent to these rules.

3 Applications will be dealt with in rotation and as quickly as possible. Delays may occur due to demand for a particular title. All applications must have a contact telephone number in case the Librarian needs to contact the member.

4 The Library list shall be published from time to time and will be able to be sent by email as necessary. It will be available to all members.

5 Books may be borrowed free of charge but borrowers must pay postage both ways.

6 Borrowers shall be responsible for books in the care and for adequately packing them before return. Failure to observe this rule will lead to withdrawal of the Library Facilities from the member concerned.

7 Books may be retained for one month, or longer as may be determined by the Librarian. Books retained beyond the agreed period shall be returned immediately on demand by the Librarian.

8 Borrowers shall not turn down leaves or make any marks on the books. Borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to the books whilst in their care, which will be deemed not to have terminated until the Librarian has received return delivery of the books.

9 Borrowers shall not attempt to repair books.

10 The Librarian shall maintain books in as good an order as practical.

11 The Librarian shall have discretionary powers to refuse books to any member who in his judgement may not be entrusted with the books or may neglect or refuse to comply with these rules. He may also limit the number of books issued to a member at any one time.

12 The Librarian shall have the final decision in cases of dispute.

August 2005

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