GB Overprints Society

Rules for the Society packet

1973 (under review 2006)

The following Rules will apply to all members who buy or sell through packet circuits.

1. These Rules supersede those published previously.

2. The Society is not responsible for the quality or pricing of material submitted; it is acting as agent between members and can accept no legal responsibility other than the usual insurance against loss covered by current policies held.

3. The Rules are for the protection of members, and those who participate will be deemed to have accepted them.

4. Responsibility for material by the Society commences on receipt by the Packet Secretary and in transit thereafter, but members are responsible for safe custody while in their possession; any damage or loss at any point must be reported to the Packet Secretary without delay.

5. Only G.B. overprinted material is acceptable in books for circulation except that Gibraltar, Indian or similar closely related items or forerunners may be included.

6. Standard type of printed books should be used, completed on the front with the vendor's details; stamps are to be mounted (or enclosed in Hawid strips or envelopes if desired) on the right-hand page only, and priced above each item, adding [Gibbons] catalogue number if wished over the top left-hand corner. [...] Each page should be totalled in number and value at the foot, pairs counting as two and multiples accordingly; a summary should be listed inside the front cover.

7. The Society commission will be 10% on the gross value of sales, deducted with return postage from the amount due when books are returned to vendors.

8. On receipt of a Packet, check all is correct; report any unsigned spaces to the Packet Secretary, for which the preceding member will be nominally responsible until proved otherwise. Sign clearly, or rubber-stamp, for items removed and fill in the number and value on the cover; complete the remittance form; forward the Packet to the next member on the list, obtaining a parcel receipt as proof of posting, within two days excluding Sundays. Post the remittance form, payment and parcel receipt to the Packet Secretary the same day, so that he can follow the movement of all Packets.

9. Inform the Packet Secretary of changes of address or temporary absence for periods so that he can re-route Packets via a preceding member to avoid delay.

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