GB Overprints Society

Current Committee and contact details


Mr Tony Stanford


Mr Julian Bagwell


Mr Nick Harris

Membership Secretary and Treasurer

Mr Andrew Haymes

Journal Editor

Mr Ricky Verra

Web manager

Dr John M Gledhill


Mr Andrew Haymes

Packet Secretary

Mr Paul Stephens

Auction Secretary

Mr Tony Taylor

Publications Officer

Mr Mike Osborne


Research co-ordinators and Area Specialists

British Levant: Alexios Papadopoulos

BOIC: Mike Sanders

The Gulf: John Smith 

Morocco Agencies: Andrew Hawthorn

Bechuanalands: Tony Stanford

GB Departmental: David Milsted

Revenues, postal orders, cinderellas, GB postal stationery: Dr John M Gledhill

All other GB overprints (eg Bechuanaland) and general enquiries: Tony Stanford

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