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Book No Title Author and type
49 Auction Catalogue, Basel 28 October 1977, The "W.F.Miller" specialised Cyprus including Gibraltar. Robson Lowe
126 Cyprus (1353 - 1986). Wilfred TF Castle and members of the Cyprus Study Circle, Christies - Robson Lowe
146 Cyprus Through Postcards, 1895-1920, 1987 Ant. Hadji Panay
202 Cyprus Early British Period
(Mainly GB overprints SG1-10)
Malcolm Warwick
Soft cover book
202A Malcolm Warwick Collection of Cyprus Stamps & Postal History (SG1 to 10) 12th November 2010, Auction Catalogue Argyll Etkin
238 GB Overprints, Cyprus, photocopies taken Circa 1970 (8 pages near A3 size) National Postal Museum Archives
251 Cyprus Auction Catalogue 5th June 2010 Booklet, Includes Overprint material SG 1–10 A.Karamitsos


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