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Book No Title Author and type
10 The Postage Stamps of Ireland, 1922-25, 3rd Edition. WG Meredith
10A The Postage Stamps of Ireland, 1922-25, 2nd Edition WG Meredith
27 Auction Catalogue, 15 May 1975, Ireland. Robson Lowe
28 Handbook of Irish Philately. David Feldman
Book (large)
29 Stamps of Ireland Illustrated Catalogue, May 1974. David Feldman
31 The Overprinted Stamps of Ireland. James A Hill
80 Hibernian Specialised Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Ireland, 1922-1978. Hibernian Stamp Co Ltd, Dublin
Book (large)
82 British Stamps Overprinted by Irish Republican Philatelic Office, 1972 Joseph E Foley
226 Ireland, The John Sussex Collection of Ireland Overprints, 21st & 22nd November 2007, Auction Catalogue Grosvenor
239 News front on Irish Philately, Cork Stamp Service. 50 Years of Irish Stamps, December 1972 Booklet



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