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Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, British Postal Agencies in East Arabia (BPAEA)

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Book No Title Author and type
2 History of the Postal Service in Kuwait 1775-1959 AN Donaldson
8, 35 The Persian Gulf. Maj. TLC Tomkins
22, 58, 59, 60 The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf. AN Donaldson
Book (large)
36 The Persian Gulf, Extracts from "Stamp Collecting" 1949-50 incl. Addenda, Baghdad and Addl. notes. Maj. TLC Tomkins
53 "This is Bahrain". January - March 1978, April - June 1978. Business and Tourist Publication
70 "Arab World Philatelist" Nos. 1,2 and 3, Published in U.S.A. Private Subscription Magazines
71 Kuwait. Ralph Shaw
Book (large)
72 "This is Qatar", Vol.2, 1978. Business and Tourist
73 The Kuwaiti Digest. Kuwait Oil Co.
74 "Bahrain", General introduction to Bahrain. Booklet
75 Postal Stationary of Gulf States. Pamphlet
76 "Abu Dhabi", Birth of an Oil Sheikhdom. Maj. C Mann
Book (large)
115 Sultan in Oman. James Morris
119 Captain Shakespear. HVF Winston
145 Auction Catalogue: 8 November 1988 "The Arabian Gulf" The Neil Donaldson Collection. Harmers
161 The Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf - Supplement. AN Donaldson
Postal Agency Issues 1942 - 1966 including supplement TE Jones
163C A Postal History of the Arabian Gulf Post Offices Volume 4 Aerogrammes Part 1 1942 to 1966, Third Edition 2009 TE Jones
163D A Postal History of the Arabian Gulf Post Offices Volume 3 OMAN 2009 Edition Booklet
184 Study Paper 1, KGVI Issues see GBOS list GBOS
192 The Indian Postal Agencies in the Persian Gulf Area Alan Parsons FRPSL
223 OMAN 20th Anniversary Sir Donald Hawley (NP) Large Book
231 Arabian Sands, 1991 Edition Wilfred Thesiger
233 Arabian Fantasy, 1976 Herbert Chappell (NP) Large Book
248 The Last Corner of Arabia, 1977 M Darlow & R Fawkes (NP) Large Book
253 OMAN,  1972, 64 pages plus 4 maps Department of Information, Muscat
Book (NP)



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