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Oil Rivers, Nigeria, Gold Coast

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Book No Title Author and type
48 AuctionCatalogue: 15 February 1978 "British West Africa". Robson Lowe
63 Niger Cancellations. BWA Study Circle
Book (large)
64 The Stamps of the Niger Territories BWA Study Circle
Book (large)
68 The Postal History and Handstamps of British West Africa. Colin McCaig
95 Auction Catalogue: 21 December 1982, British West Africa. Robson Lowe
100 The Local Bisects and Surcharges of Oil Rivers and Niger Coast 1893-1894. MP Nicholson
107 The Nigerias: Extract from the Philatelist Vol.25, No.3, December 1955. HG Porter
Photocopy (extracts, 26 pages)
107A The Nigerias: The Philatelist Vol 25 No 3 December 1958, Selection from the W C Hinde Collection. Booklet
148 Auction Catalogue: 10 March 1971 "The Nigerias: The Col. J.R. Danson Collection". Robson Lowe
149 Auction Catalogue 4th May 1971 “West Africa” The Colonel J.R. Dawson Collection. Robson Lowe. Booklet  
158 The Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region. Jack Ince and John Sacher
Book (very heavy c.3.5 Kgs.)
160 Indexes to The Post Offices of The Gold Coast 1875-1957. Walton, Mackin and Nelson, West Africa Study Circle
162 Auction Catalogue: Robson Lowe 14 January 1959, "The William C. Hinde Collection of 'The Nigerias' " Booklet
Donated by GM Rossi of Monaco
164 Auction Catalogue: Robson Lowe 27 November 1963; "Burrus British Empire" including Niger Coast Booklet
Donated by GM Rossi of Monaco
261 Auction Catalogue 12th November 2009 West Africa Post UPU Postal History, The John Sacher Collection Spink


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