GB Overprints Society

GB Overprints Society, Constitution

(1977, revised 2006, 2008, 2016

1. The Society shall be known as "The GB Overprints Society", which may be abbreviated to the 'GBOS', and hereinafter referred to as 'The Society'.

2. The Aims and Objects of the Society shall be:

(a) The study of the stamps, postal markings, postal stationery and all philatelic material overprinted on the issues of Great Britain, of all countries that have, at any time, used the foregoing. It may also include the forerunners and other items, such as telegrams and postal orders, of these countries where considered part of such study.

(b) To provide facilities for the exchange of information and material relevant to the pursuits of the Society.

(c) To encourage, by all means possible, the furtherance of the knowledge and collecting of Great Britain overprints.

In furtherance of these aims the Society should endeavour to publish a Journal, to be known as 'The Overprinter', to be sent to all members. It should also encourage research by publishing Study Papers on various aspects of the Society's interests or more comprehensive publications. A Library should be maintained which shall be available to all members subject to the rules drawn up by the Librarian and approved by the Principal Officers. Both Auctions and a Packet Circulation may be established for the benefit of members. In each case rules shall be drawn up by the Auctioneer and Packet Secretary and approved by the Principal Officers. The frequency of all these facilities shall be dependent on the practicalities inherent in them.

3. Organisation of the Society

(a) The Officer of the Society shall consist of the following, who shall be the Principal Officers.





They may be augmented either by election at the AGM, or by appointment subsequently by the Principal Officers, by the following

Auction Secretary


Research Coordinator

Packet Secretary

Journal Editor

Web-Site Coordinator

(b) All such officers shall be elected every second year at the AGM for a period of two years. Nothing shall preclude an individual holding more than one office should they be so appointed at the AGM. The duties of the officers may be shared in ways other than those listed above (for example Membership Secretary duties may be carried out by the Treasurer). The period of office for appointments made at an EGM shall normally be the remainder of the period to the next AGM, plus the following year, and be reported to the next AGM for information.

(c) Research Coordinators and Area Specialists may be appointed or confirmed at the AGM for each of the recognised overprint areas as may seem advisable, or by arrangement with the President, Chairman and Secretary. They shall not be considered officers of the Society. The role of the Research Coordinator, Area Specialist is, where appropriate, to encourage and advise members on ongoing research in a designated area, and/or to be the first recourse for information relating to their designated area. Members in the capacity of Area Specialist do not need to be currently research active but should have a reasonably broad knowledge of the area in question.

(d) The day to day running of the Society shall be the responsibility of the Secretary in consultation with the Principal Officers or such other Officers as may seem appropriate.

(e) The Officers of the Society shall report, at least once a year, to the membership at the Annual General Meeting either, verbally or in writing.

4. Membership:

Membership shall be open to all philatelists resident in any country and shall be unlimited in number. All applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary, who shall be empowered to refuse any application, without giving reason, or to terminate the membership of any member whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the interests of the Society, provided he is supported by at least two other individual Officers.

5. Finance

(a) A subscription shall be charged annually to all members, due on 1st January each year. Such subscription shall be approved at the AGM on the recommendation of the Treasurer and may include a premium to overseas members. A reduced subscription for Junior and Student Membership may also be approved. Honorary Membership may be granted by the membership voting at the AGM.

Note: the AGM 2006 confirmed that those members whose service to the Society is rewarded with Honorary Membership should be known as Honorary Life Members and retain that privilege for life, whereas other prominent philatelists who are not GBOS members but provide significant service to the Society may be awarded Honorary Membership for a duration that is deemed to be beneficial to the Society. [This paragraphs is not part of the Constitution].

(b) The treasurer shall receive all monies due to, and discharge all debts by, the Society, and shall keep such accounts as are necessary, which shall be approved by an Independent Examiner approved at the AGM, and presented to the membership at the AGM.

(c) Postal, administration and other necessary expenses incurred by the Officers and Research Coordinators shall be refunded by the Society.

6. General Meetings

(a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year at a time and date determined by the Secretary in consultation with the Treasurer, Auctioneer and Packet Secretary, and approved by the Principal Officers. The membership should be given 60 days advance notice of such AGM and receive due notice of the Agenda.

(b) The business of the AGM shall be conducted by the President, who may deputise the Chairman should he so wish. It shall be to:-

(i) Receive the reports of the various Officers, to include financial reports from the Auction Secretary and Packet Secretary

(ii) Receive a financial statement by the Treasurer and approve the independently examined accounts

(iii) Approve the subscription rates for the ensuing year

(iv) Every second year, or as posts become vacant, to elect all officers

(v) Appoint Coordinators as necessary

(vi) Approve an Independent Examiner for the accounts

(vii) Deal with any other business.

All members shall be entitled to raise any pertinent subject at the AGM but where it is anticipated that such matter may be contentious, prior notice of 21 days should be given to the Secretary. The arbiter in such instance shall be the Chairman of the meeting.

Voting in all instances shall be by a simple majority vote, the Chairman of the meeting having a casting vote.

7. Extraordinary meetings

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Principal Officers or upon a written request to the Secretary signed by a minimum of ten members, stating their reasons. The secretary shall then be obligated to call such a meeting within a period of 40 days of its receipt and give notice to all members within 28 days.

8. Constitution

The Officers of the Society shall have discretion to act in any case where the Constitution is silent. Such action shall be reported on at the next AGM and approval sought.

The Constitution shall not be altered except at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Proposals affecting such alterations shall be sent to the Secretary who shall advise all members at least 28 days prior to a meeting. Alternations shall only be carried by a two thirds majority decision of those present and voting.

This Constitution was presented and approved at the Annual General Meeting of The G.B. Overprints Society held at Ardingly, Sussex, on 7th October 2006. The AGMs 2007,2008 approved the rewording, in the light of legal changes, of "Auditor" to "Independent Examiner [of the accounts]" in paras 5b and 6b(vi); this reflects no change in Society practice or responsibilities of the persons concerned. The changes in 2016 clarified the position of officers appointed at an EGM, and the scope of the Reseach Coordinators / Area Specialists.

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