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Stamps which look like overprints but aren't

The following stamps are often wrongly assumed to be overprints on GB stamps, but in fact in each case were printed using an amended plate incorporating the additional text.

See also the various cachets and other markings that look like overprints.


1957 Parliamentary Conference

These issues were for what is now called the "Inter-Parliamentary Union" conference.

Interparliamentary Conference 200

4d blue stamp


Interparliamentary union aerogram 200

Interparliamentary Union airletter (detail)

enlargement of additional engraving

6d aerogram



1966 World Cup Winners

In 1966 the football (soccer) 4-yearly world cup was held in England. When England won the cup the 4d was reissued with additional inscription "WORLD CUP WINNERS". Because the cup was won by England (ie just England, not including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) the stamp was only available in post offices in England (and the PO bureau). There was intense speculation in this stamp at the time, but it remains very cheap. The additional inscription was incorporated into a replacement black printing plate, and is not an overprint on the original stamp (though it is often mistakenly advertised as such).

World cup winners 200


Official / revenue stamps

Some early British revenue stamps had the stamp printed on paper which had already been printed with the official department concerned, eg "INLAND REVENUE" or "POLICE COURTS". As this was intended to show through the stamp, they often look like overprints. This approach was probably adopted because the embossing on the stamp would make it difficult to overprint reliably after printing.


Customs underprint 200

(size 37*45 mm)


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