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Zululand was an independent kingdom until 1887 when it was annexed by the UK. Although a postal service had been organised by Natal in 1876 it did not have its own stamps until 1 May 1888. The first set was mostly overprints on GB stamps (though for some reason for the first 4 months the ½d stamp was overprinted on a Natal ½d stamp).

Note: this numbering system was drawn up by the Society for the website, and may not be used without permission.

Queen Victoria

Definitive set

1 May 1888, except where stated

Zululand part set 400d 700p

(temporary illustration)

1 ½d orange (November 1888)

2 1d lilac

3 2d green & red

4 2½d purple on blue (September 1891)

5 3d purple on yellow

6 4d green & brown

7 5d purple & blue (March 1893)

8 6d purple on red

9 9d purple & blue (April 1892)

10 1/- green (April 1892)

11 5/- red (April 1892)

overprint varieties

Some values (eg the 2d) have been reported with inverted overprint, but these are now deemed to be forgeries. There are many contemporary forgeries of the Zululand stamps, some good, some awful.

watermark varieties

7 wi 5d watermark inverted

These stamps were replaced by a key-type set in 1894.

On 31 December 1897 the kingdom was annexed to Natal, and Zululand stamps were withdrawn on 30 June 1898.

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