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Until 1957 the Sultanate of Qatar used the "no country" stamps listed under "British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia". With the introduction of decimal currency the opportunity was taken to give Qatar its own issues, parallel to those of Bahrain and Kuwait. It has been alleged that this was requested by the Sultan following an embarrassing incident where some Bahrain stamps were sent to Qatar instead of the no-country stamps.

All stamps also overprinted "QATAR"

For similar overprints without any country name see under British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia.

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Queen Elizabeth

Watermark St Edward's Crown E2R
Castles High Values (Waterlow)

1 April 1957

Qatar 1st set 200Qatar castles type I 200

The position of the values varies so as to cover up the original value; the "20" had to be higher to remain visible against the dark background, and presumably the "NP" on the 40 np is higher than on the 12-25 np to more fully obscure the words "six" and "pence" wheras on those lower values it had to be low to cover up the original value. Considerable thought must have been put into these factors!

1 "1 NP" on 5d brown

2 "3 NP" on ½d orange

3 "6 NP" on 1d blue

4 "9 NP" on 1½d green

5 "12 NP" on 2d brown

6 "15 NP" on 2½d red, type I

7 "20 NP" (in blue) on 3d violet

8 "25 NP" on 4d blue

9 "40 NP" on 6d purple

10 "50 NP" on 9d green

11 "75 NP" on 1/3d green

12 "1 RUPEE" on 1/6d blue

13 "2 RUPEES" on 2/6d brown, type I (bars closer and longer)

14 "5 RUPEES" on 5/- red, type I (see 2 Rupees)

15 "10 RUPEES" on 10/- blue type I (see 2 Rupees)


9a 40np reddish purple

9b 40np claret (21 July 959)

This was a deliberate change of the purple colour on the underlying GB issue.

stamp varieties

15 sv1 R10 weak entry at bottom of right edge (row 1, stamp 2)

Second printing of castles
bars shorter and further apart

18 September 1957

Qatar R2 types detail 300

type I, type II

Qatar R5 types detail 300

type I, type II

Qatar R10 types detail 300

type I, type II

16 R2 type II

17 R5 type II

18 R10 type II

stamp varieties

18 sv1 R10 weak entry at bottom of right edge (row 1, stamp 2)

Scout Jubilee Jamboree

1 August 1957

Qatar Jamboree 200

19 "15 NP" on 2½d red

20 "25 NP" on 4d blue

21 "75 NP" on 1/3d green

Watermark multiple crowns


Qatar crowns set 200

22 "3 NP" on ½d orange (28 September 1960)

23 "6 NP" on 1d blue (21 June 1960)

24 "9 NP" on 1½d green (28 September 1960)

25 "12 NP" on 2d brown (28 September 1960)

26 "15 NP" on 2½d red, type II (26 April 1960)

27 "20 NP" (in blue) on 3d violet (28 September 1960)

28 "40 NP" on 6d purple (21 June 1960)

Note: the multiple crowns watermark 2½d stamp was on a cylinder with slightly more rotation than that referred to for die II (ie it is from "multipositive C") 

On 23 May 1963 the GB postal administration was closed and control was handed over to the Qatar postal department, though the overprinted stamps had already been replaced by a set inscribed "Qatar" on 2 September 1961.

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