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Morocco Agencies (French currency)

For the British post offices in the French sphere of influence in Morocco it was decided to issue British stamps overprinted in French currency in 1917. This was mostly the huge area of south west Morocco. Until then the offices had used stamps overprinted with Spanish currency.

See further under Morocco Agencies British currency, Morocco Agencies Spanish currency and Tangier.

A more detailed historical note is in the "Spanish currency" listing.

All stamps overprinted "MOROCCO AGENCIES" with new value in French currency.

Note: this numbering system was drawn up by the Society for the website, and may not be used without permission.

King George V

Mackennal Head, script cypher watermark, Seahorses (Bradbury Wilkinson)

1917 unless otherwise stated

Morocco Fr G5 script 200

1 "3 CENTIMES" (in red) on ½d green

2 "5 CENTIMES" on ½d green

3 "10 CENTIMES" on 1d red

4 "15 CENTIMES" on 1½d brown

5 "25 CENTIMES" on 2½d blue

6 "40 CENTIMES" on 4d grey

7 "50 CENTIMES" on 5d brown (1923)

8 "75 CENTIMES" on 9d green (1924)

9 "1 FRANC" on 10d blue

10 "3 FRANCS" on 2/6d brown (1924)

11 "6 FRANCS" on 5/- red (1932)

It is interesting to note that unlike the issues with Spanish currency, the format of the French-currency stamp overprints in this set is remarkably consistent. What is less easily explained is why the 3c overprint in French currency needed to be printed in red, presumably to distinguish it from the 5c stamp, whereas for the similar overprints in Spanish currency both the 3c and the 5c were acceptable in black.

overprint varieties

6 v1 40c overprint double, one albino

9 v1 Fr1 overprint double, one albino

10 v1 Fr3 overprint double, one albino

Watermark block cypher


Morocco Fr G5 block 200

12 "5 CENTIMES" on ½d green

13 "10 CENTIMES" on 1d red

14 "15 CENTIMES" on 1½d brown

15 "25 CENTIMES" on 2½d blue

16 "40 CENTIMES" on 4d grey

17 "50 CENTIMES" on 5d brown

18 "75 CENTIMES" on 9d green

19 "90 CENTIMES" on 9d green (1934)

20 "1 FRANC" on 10d blue

21 "1 FRANC 50 CENTIMES" on 1/- brown  (1934)

overprint varieties

13 v1 10c overprint double, one albino

16 v1 40c overprint double, one albino

18 v1 75c overprint double, one albino

20 v1 Fr1 overprint double, one albino

watermark varieties

17 wi 50c watermark inverted

18 wi 75c watermark inverted

Silver Jubilee

8 May 1935

Morocco Fr G5 jubilee 200

22 "5 CENTIMES" (in blue) on ½d green

23 "10 CENTIMES" (in blue) on 1d red

24 "15 CENTIMES" (in blue) on 1½d brown

25 "25 CENTIMES" (in red) on 2½d blue

overprint varieties

22 v1 5c with "AGENCIES" displaced upwards 3mm

reported in The Overprinter 3/1993 (same error as illustrated for 10c below)

Morocco French G5 SJ misplacement 200

23 v1 10c with "AGENCIES" displaced upwards 3mm

23 v2 10c se-tenant with 10 "centimos" see under Spanish currency issues.

24 v1 15c with "AGENCIES" displaced upwards 3mm

reported in The Overprinter 3/1993 (same error as illustrated for 10c above)


Photogravure set
Re-engraved seahorses


Morocco Fr G5 photogravure 200

26 "5 CENTIMES" on ½d green, small format (Oct 1935)

27 "10 CENTIMES" on 1d red, small format (2 March 1936)

28 "15 CENTIMES" on 1½d brown, small format (8 January 1938)

29 "25 CENTIMES" on 2½d blue (25 September 1936)

30 "40 CENTIMES" on 4d grey (2/12/1936)

31 "50 CENTIMES" on 5d brown (15 September 1936)

32 "90 CENTIMES" on 9d green (15 February 1937)

33 "1 FRANC" on 10d blue (10 February 1937)

34 "1 FRANC 50 CENTIMES" on 1/- brown (20 July 1937)

35 "3 FRANCS" on 2/6d brown (1935)

36 "6 FRANCS" on 5/- red (17 June 1936)

Note: although the ½d, 1d and 1½d unoverprinted stamps have several sizes, all the overprints with French currency are in the small format only.

Seahorses original and re-engraved 400

Original and re-engraved versions of the Seahorses (there are other less conspicuous differences).

King Edward VIII

26 October 1936

Morocco Fr E8 200

37 "5 CENTIMES" on ½d green

38 "15 CENTIMES" on 1½d brown

There are no conspicuous variations in the size of the overprints, as happened with the Spanish and British currency sets.

overprint varieties

Morocco French E8 black bar 200
(image courtesy of Temple Bar auctions)

37 v1 black bar through "POSTAGE"

This was caused by a raised printers spacing bar; it has often been forged so buy with care!

King George VI


13 May 1937

Morocco Fr G6 coron 200

39 "15 CENTIMES" (in blue) on 1½d brown

Definitive stamp

11 June 1937

Morocco Fr G6 200

40 "5 CENTIMES" (in blue) on ½d green

The offices using stamps in French currency closed during 1937-1938 and the stamps were withdrawn on 8 January 1938.

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