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Levant field post office in Salonica

In 1916 it was planned to issue stamps for a civilian post office in Mount Athos (Greece), but when this project was dropped the stamps were sent to be used by a British Army Field post office in Salonica (Thessaloniki). The issue was almost immediately prohibited by the GPO and withdrawn, so copies are scarce, especially used (forgeries are relatively plentiful).

All stamps overprinted "Levant" (sic - not block capitals)

Note: this numbering system was drawn up by the Society for the website, and may not be used without permission.

King George V

Mackennal Head, watermark script cypher

Late February 1916

Salonica part set 200

Salonica 4d Rossi 72Salonica 6d (web) 72Salonica 9d Rossi 72

Salonica 1s Rossi 72

(image of 2d missing; images of 4d, 9d & 1s ex Rossi courtesy of Warwick & Warwick)

1 ½d green

2 1d red

3 2d orange die I

4 3d violet

5 4d grey

6 6d purple, chalky paper

7 9d black

8 1/- brown

overprint varieties

1 v1 ½d overprint double

1 v2 ½d overprint omitted (pair with normal)

2 v1 1d overprint double

4 v1 3d overprint double

Salonica 6d omitted Rossi 72

(image ex Rossi, courtesy of Warwick & Warwick)

6 v1 6d overprint omitted (pair with normal)

Salonica 9d double Rossi 72

(image ex Rossi, courtesy of Warwick & Warwick)

7 v1 9d overprint double

All values exist with a faint (often very faint!) additional albino overprint, usually reversed, because of the way they were printed - one row at a time with other sheets underneath as padding.

Salonica forgeries 300

A typical poor forgery, complete with forged "Thier" dealer authentification mark on the reverse.

A very large proportion of the stamps on the market are forgeries, even with forged certificates of authenticity; some are very difficult to distinguish from originals, some are awfully easy.

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