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East Africa Forces

The "East Africa Forces" were based in a huge area across North East and East Africa and as far as Ceylon and Burma (the name refers to the area from which the troops were drawn - eg Kenya - not the area where they served). However the "EAF" overprints appear to have been used only in Somalia ("EAF" meter marks are known from other countries). Only one set was issued (15 January 1943). As implied by the overprint the stamps were intended for use by military personnel rather than primarily as a public service.

Note: for some reason these are referred to as "East Africa Forces" in philatelic circles, though in military circles they are known as the "East African Forces".

All stamps are overprinted "E.A.F." in dark blue.

Note: this numbering system was drawn up by the Society for the website, and may not be used without permission.

King George VI

Definitive set

15 January 1943

EAF 200

1 1d pale red (blue overprint)

2 2d pale orange (blue overprint)

3 2½d pale blue (blue overprint)

4 3d pale violet (blue overprint)

5 5d brown (blue overprint)

6 6d purple (blue overprint)

7 9d green (blue overprint)

8 1/- brown (blue overprint)

9 2/6d green (blue overprint)

These stamps were replaced on 27 May 1948 by the BMA Somalia stamps.

From 23 August 1950 the GPO permitted the use in the UK of any overprinted stamps which did not alter the face value. EAF stamps can therefore be found with UK postmarks, and are fully legitimate items, but sell for much less than those with postmarks from the relevant area.

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